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Survivor’s Edge prepares you for real world disasters with the skills and knowledge to take on whatever comes your way

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the next big one?

I tend to have the impression those outside the Northwest do not pay as much attention to earthquakes in faraway places as we do here in Washington State. You can count on earthquakes in New Zealand, Indonesia, Pakistan or Japan being front page news around here, and for very good reason. We know our turn is coming, and when it does we are going to be in for a world of hurt. The phrase “the big one” refers to the 9+ quake the Northwest suffers on an average cycle of 243 years apart. The last one was on Jan 26, 1700, before much in European settlement here. Not only did it wipe out many coastal Native American villages, the tsunami it created killed thousands of Japanese on the other side of…

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survivor’s edge summer 2017 show and event calendar

April 1, 2017 Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo Summit Sports and Ice Complex 9410 Davis Hwy, Dimondale, MI 4882 April 15, 2017 South East Self-Reliance Expo 5622 US 231 Peanut Festival Fairgrounds, Dothan, AL 36301 April 21, 2017 Prepper Con 2017 9575 State St. South Towne Exposition Center, Sandy, Utah 84070 April 28, 29, 30 2017 National Rifle Association Annual Meetings 285 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW George World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA 30313 May 20, 21 2017 SGK Emergency Prepper Expo Greensboro Coliseum, 1921 W. Gate City Blvd. Greensboro, NC 27403 May 21, 2017 Sustainable Preparedness Expo Josephine County Fairgrounds, 1 451 Fairgrounds Rd. Grants Pass, OR 97527 June 2, 3, 4 2017 Blade Show 2 Galleria Pkwy SE Cobb Galleria Center, Atlanta, GA 30339 June 10, 11 2017 Bullseye Preparedness and Outdoor Expo LeConte Center, 2986 Teaster Ln Pigeon Forge, TN 37863 June 10, 2017 Indiana Prepare to Survive Expo 215 Division Rd. Porter…

7 min.
i survived

DON’T MESS WITH MAMA Hunter saved by friends in close grizzly encounter When they left camp one chilly morning in late summer, Neil Rico and his friends, Dewayne and Cassie Wingfield and Jordan Abbott, had their sights set on one of the large elk bulls of southwest Montana. After an hour of hiking, they reached the top of a hill. From there, the four friends could hear elk bugling nearby. They decided to take a chance and split up, to increase their odds of making a kill. “In all my years hunting as a kid,” Rico said, “I’ve never had any kind of a threat from any kind of animal.” As Rico descended the slope toward a thick stand of trees, the elk suddenly stopped bugling. “I was looking up the hill for…

10 min.
what to hoard& how to barter

Times have been tough. The old world you knew before is long gone, replaced by a harsh cruelty you never dreamed could happen. People are scattered. Cities are crumbling. Infrastructure is entirely non-existent. It has been 18 months since the government collapsed and several attempts to stabilize it or create a new one failed, and with them went the last vestiges of an organized economy. In the early stages of any long-term crisis, cash will still play a major role in how people buy and sell things because people will believe that those pieces of paper still have value. The first to go will be credit and ATM cards, as the lack of electricity prevents their use, and following any large-scale governmental collapse is paper money. But for a while, a…

2 min.
bartering lessons: learn now, or pay later!

As a society, we have become so dependent on others for everyday needs that the thought of not being able to rush out for fresh fruit or new clothes is difficult to fathom. With no formal way to buy goods and services, a future without money will involve trading surplus items for what you lack. RISK FACTORS: Bartering is as old as humanity itself—a means of trading goods and services for millennia. Bartering works best in small communities where all parties either know each other or are in a similar predicament with similar mentalities. It only becomes risky when dealing with outsiders. Consider the ramifications of trading ammunition with a nonvetted outsider who may use that same ammo to steal the remainder of your supplies. HOLD BACK: When arranging a deal, never show your…

6 min.
tourist trap escapes

Flashing lights and the eruption of classical music filled the crisp air 1:25 a.m. on the Neva River, just behind the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. The cheering crowd confirmed it was time to raise the drawbridges—three total—a festive scene celebrated by locals and tourists alike. The spirit of Mother Russia was brought to a frenzy as the revelers cheered and filled the sky with flash photography. Unfortunately, this remarkable event also attracted opportunists. I entered the crowd, and after taking my photos, I crossed the street with other spectators. Before stepping foot on the sidewalk, a man jumped in front of me and bent over as if to pick up something he dropped. With his arms extended, he shuffled as a basketball player would, side to side, blocking my…