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Texas Highways Magazine December 2017

Texas Highways, the official travel magazine of Texas, encourages recreational travel within Texas and tells the Texas story to readers around the world. Renowned for its photography, statewide events coverage, top weekend excursions, off-the-beaten path discoveries, and scenic destinations, Texas Highways helps readers discover the treasures of the Lone Star State.

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homemade holiday

FEW SMELLS CONJURE THE feeling of Christmas more strongly for me than my Mom’s freshly baked cinnamon rolls. When I was a kid, the aroma of cinnamon and baking dough waft ing into my room on Christmas morning heralded the start of what was always my favorite day of the year. Sharing a meal together is an integral part of all family celebrations, and the traditions created around holiday foods are about much more than their gastronomical pleasure. They tie families together across generations, honor distinctive cultural heritages, and evoke feelings of comfort and celebration. It’s in this spirit that we approached our cover story on holiday comfort foods from chefs and restaurateurs throughout the state. Rather than asking them for their best-selling menu items or most critically acclaimed dishes, we…

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room for seconds?

FREE WEEKEND EVENTS Every Friday, we post a curated selection of free events going on around the state each weekend, so you can enjoy yourself without spending all your cash. #TRUETEXAS CONTEST Tag your best Lone Star State photos on Twitter and Instagram with #TrueTexas, or post to our Facebook page, for the chance to have your picture shared on our social media channels. HOLIDAY SHOPPING Still searching for the perfect gift for a friend or family member? Visit the Texas Highways Gift Shop at shop. texashighways.com to purchase Texas-made products. We’re partial to the Texas Highways subscription.…

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My heart just soared on my first trip on west US 82, experiencing the incomparable beauty of the rolling plains on my drive to Lubbock. Experience it once, and you won’t forget it. BARBARA MACHA, HIGHLAND VILLAGE Big Empty My wife and I grew up in Spur and Dickens in the ’30s and ’40s [November]. When asked where we were born we would tell them, and all we would ever get was a blank look and, “Where’s that?” Now we can tell anyone who asks, “In the Big Empty a few miles west of the Croton Breaks.” Jane and John L. Koonsman, Dallas Comanche Marker Trees I used to drive by Gateway Park in Dallas every day on my way to work and see the legendary Indian marker pecan tree that the Comanches used to mark…

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scenic route

Winter’s Window 29º 16' 06.52" N 103º 18' 10.51" W ADUSTING OF SNOW adds an air of winter magic to the already impressive view of the Window, a pour-off cut in the rim of the Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park. Visitors can come for a daytrip or, with advance reservations, camp or stay overnight at the Chisos Mountains Lodge’s accommodations. Those lucky enough to grab Roosevelt Cottage No. 103 can sit on the porch and enjoy a spectacular view of the Window. The Civilian Conservation Corps built these rustic stone buildings in the 1940s. For more information, visit nps.gov/bibe.…

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a little north pole magic

TEXAS FAMILY + SOUVENIR + STAY + TEXAS TICKET “ARE WE REALLY GOING TO THE NORTH Pole, Mommy?” My 7-year-old son August, still young enough to revel in the magic of Christmas yet inching bit by bit toward skepticism, asks me this question every few minutes as we prepare to board the North Pole Flyer with his dad and 2-year-old brother, Crosby. August’s wearing his new plaid Christmas pajamas (children are encouraged to wear PJs on board) that say “Santa’s Favorite” on the pocket. “Well ... let’s wait and see,” I tell him, buying a little time. The Austin Steam Train Association operates the special holiday-themed trip each November and December. This year marks its 10th year of welcoming families on board for a little hot chocolate and Christmas magic. The two-and-a-half hour train route…

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christmas rocks!

IN CHARLES DICKENS ’ CLASSIC HOLIDAY TALE A Christmas Carol, a reformed Ebenezer Scrooge proclaims, “I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” Shoppers looking to keep the Yuletide spirit in their hearts year-round need look no further than the Christmas Rocks store in Houston. However, you might have to look closely to find it. With only a discrete window banner and sometimes a tasteful front-porch Santa announcing the store’s presence, this unassuming shop is tucked into a white two-story house on a narrow street just south of the swanky River Oaks neighborhood. But once inside, shoppers are met with a lavish bounty of holiday-themed gifts and décor: Approximately 10,000 items fill every nook and cranny of the first floor, encompassing four rooms and…