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Texas Highways Magazine July 2015

Texas Highways, the official travel magazine of Texas, encourages recreational travel within Texas and tells the Texas story to readers around the world. Renowned for its photography, statewide events coverage, top weekend excursions, off-the-beaten path discoveries, and scenic destinations, Texas Highways helps readers discover the treasures of the Lone Star State.

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goodbye to an island

Sometimes Island is disappearing—and that’s a good thing. The rocky formation jutting up from Lake Travis near Mansfield Dam Park northwest of Austin has long provided a quick visual indicator of this beloved Highland Lake’s water level. In times of H2O abundance, only brushy peaks peek above the water line; more and more of the island protrudes in bouts of drought. Lately, we’d seen way too much of the craggy stretch. Drought had fully exposed a peninsula, and for the first time in decades, lake-goers could walk across the landform from the shoreline. No boat required. Not so today. At press time, in light of spring storms—the same weather systems that brought unthinkable flooding devastation to so many across the state—Lake Travis had risen more than 30 feet in 30 days. And…

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i want to swim with the sea turtles!

OUR FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA OF THE MONTH... Never been to Mustang Island, but I want to since Pat Green sings about it. Joy Chapman Hinkle, Springtown My best souvenirs are my memories of my visit to The Alamo in 2010. It’s a hard act to follow. Wendy Kell, Huntingdon, Quebec Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram EDITOR’S NOTE: In a May story about the Roy Orbison Museum, we incorrectly identified the location of the museum’s hometown of Wink. Wink is about 50 miles west of Odessa. We appreciate the readers who called this to our attention. Travel Sweet Spot? In the June issue, columnist Barbara Rodriguez wrote about her annual vacations to South Padre Island and the comfortable pleasures of her tradition. This prompted several readers to chime in on their favorite repeat destinations. Galveston! Playing…

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gulf coast

29º 52’ 02.71” N 93º 55’ 17.82” W Fed by the Sabine and Neches rivers, 90,000-acre Sabine Lake straddles the Texas-Louisiana border. The Texas shoreline provides ample opportunities for fishing, launching a boat, birding, and enjoying the natural beauty of the lake. To reach this pier on the Pleasure Island portion of Sabine Lake, take Texas 82 from Port Arthur, cross the Martin Luther King Bridge, turn right onto T.B. Ellison Parkway and follow the road 2.65 miles, then turn right and travel for a half-mile along Lakefront Drive. For more information, visitwww.pleasureislandtx.com.…

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50 years of texas

The musical chronicles the fictional tale of Calvin Armstrong, a young homesteader determined to scratch out a place for himself in the tough environment of the Texas Panhandle in the late 1800s. THE INFECTIOUS OPENING SONG of TEXAS—a bouncy Broadway-style tune sprinkled with Texas swagger— sticks in your head long after the outdoor musical ends. “There’s no better place to be than Texas,” proclaim the singers and dancers, sweeping their arms to the colorful backdrop of Palo Duro Canyon State Park. “You can look around and see in Texas.” Celebrating its 50th season this summer, TEXAS dazzles audiences with its one-of-a-kind blend of musical theater and scenery in Pioneer Amphitheatre, an 1,800-seat venue at the base of Palo Duro Canyon, located 12 miles east of the town of Canyon. Against the red…

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dart hopping

For my six-and nine-year-old sons, the light-rail journey is half the fun. IF YOUR KIDS ARE LIKE MINE, THEY’RE FAS-cinated by trains. Perhaps it’s the powerful sound of the horn at crossings, the rumble of locomotives chugging alongside the highway, or the magic of an unusual sight found mostly in cartoons, movies, and storybooks. Maybe it’s just the allure of traveling without seatbelts. Whatever the reason, children love trains—and so do many of us grownups. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) light-rail system includes 90 miles of track and 62 stations along four color-coded lines. The system, which recorded 96,380 passenger trips per weekday in 2014, bustles with commuters on a daily basis. But it also provides an entertaining and convenient way to explore the Dallas area, offering access to a variety…

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unbridled spirit

Travaasa offers more than a typical spa’s roster of indulgences and fine meals. MY HORSE ANNIE, A 16-YEAR-OLD CHESTNUT mare with soulful eyes and long lashes, relaxes her ears and ambles calmly toward me in the round pen, then breaks out in a yawn so wide I think she might be laughing at me. But things aren’t always as they seem. Wrangler Jodie James tips back his hat and looks upon us with a glimmer of pride. “That’s just about the biggest compliment a horse can pay a person,” he tells me in a calm drawl. Say what? Of course, Annie didn’t say a word, and that’s the point. I’m here at Travaasa, a resort and spa on the outskirts of Austin, hoping to learn more about non-verbal communication via the resort’s…