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Texas Highways Magazine June 2015

Texas Highways, the official travel magazine of Texas, encourages recreational travel within Texas and tells the Texas story to readers around the world. Renowned for its photography, statewide events coverage, top weekend excursions, off-the-beaten path discoveries, and scenic destinations, Texas Highways helps readers discover the treasures of the Lone Star State.

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see sea turtles

Allison will steal your heart. She’s a rescued Atlantic green sea turtle at South Padre Island’s Sea Turtle, Inc., who was found on the beach by a patroller in 2005. Likely the victim of a predator a flack, Allison had just one of her four flippers and could only swim in counterclockwise circles. Within a few years, an innovative STI intern named Tom Wilson devised a prosthetic “rudder” (essentially a wooden blade a flached to the turtle by a Neoprene wrap) that allowed Allison to propel forward. Several years and five prosthetic designs later, Allison now sports a streamlined carbon fiber device, a graceful glide, and an everfresh lease on life. STI staff attach the prosthetic for a few hours every day (closed to the public on Monday) starting at 10…

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GOT SOMETHING TO SAY? OUR FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA OF THE MONTH... Funny thing is, when I was a boy in San Angelo, Concho River pearls [April] made good slingshot projectiles. Marcus Brooks Dickinson I’m a Yankee, but I came to Texas for Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnic in 1975, met some pretty Texas women, and never went home. Brian A. Burgoyne Bastrop Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Word of Mouth We love your magazine and always have a few issues in the store for customers to look at. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen someone take one of those subscription cards out and take it with them. One issue and you’re hooked! SWEET TEA TREASURES Irving Llano Love One of the most fun classes I took while attending Texas Tech was a summer field ecology…

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scenic route

27º 50’ 23.40” N97º 03’ 52.32” W Gulf Coast The Port Aransas Marina—off Texas 361 by the ferry landing—offers a striking view of vessels docked at the Dennis Dryer Municipal Harbor. The area includes Roberts Point Park, which is home to the Annual Fishing Break tournament in late June and the Outboard Fishing Tournament in July. Travelers can enjoy views of the boats; walk, bike, or fish on the one-mile bulkhead; fish from the lighted fishing pier or granite jetties; or climb to the top of the observation tower to watch dolphins and tankers in the ship channel. For more information, visitwww.cityofportaransas. org/harbor_marina.cfmorwww.portaransas.org. To order a print of this photograph, call 866/962-1191, or visit www.texashighwaysprints.com.…

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giddyup zydeco

ABOUT THREE HUNDRED HORSES, saddled and raring to go, tug impatiently at their reins as the Bill Pickett Zydeco Trail Ride gets underway near Beaumont. Twodozen party wagons with bigbox speakers blast the propulsive rhythms of accordions and washboards across the muster grounds. Revelers without horses scramble to borrow one or jump aboard a party wagon, laughing and dancing to the music. After a prayer for safety and a final check for traffic, the pace car noses its way onto the rural Jefferson County blacktop and the trail ride rumbles to a cantering start. The equestrians and party wagons (mostly pickup-drawn trailers, elaborately customized), stretch into a half-mile ribbon, following the road through seven miles of coastal prairie pastureland. As the riders of all ages mosey along, shuffling to the music…

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grains of inspiration

ON A SPRING DAY, LUCINDA Wierenga—better known on South Padre Island as “Sandy Feet”—puts the finishing touches on a multi-turreted sand castle in front of the Taco Factory restaurant, only to watch a storm immediately blow the top off. Back to work goes the sand artist, undertaking yet another repair effort. Sand sculpting is an ephemeral form of art. And yet, because the beach inspires creativity and provides the raw material, sand artists proliferate on South Padre Island. Even more arrive from all over the globe for Sand Castle Days, a festival and competition held the first weekend in October. The works of local and visiting sand artists make up one of South Padre’s most indigenous tourist attractions: the Sand Sculpture Trail. The works of local and visiting sand artists make up…

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simply palacios

AN OLD, UNLIKELY LEGEND holds that Spanish sailors shipwrecked in Matagorda Bay saw a mirage of three sparkling palaces on a distant shoreline, and named the surrounding inlet Tres Palacios Bay. Though still today no royal opulence awaits on the waterfront, the bay’s namesake town of Palacios harbors real treasure in its simple pleasures. The quiet, mid-coast burg offers no broad, sandy beaches or high-rise hotels, but you will find birding and biking, parks and playscapes, fishing and kayaking, shrimp and shopping, and hints of a glamorous past. Consider these tips for a quick coastal fix or an easy-breezy weekend—all free, or affordable— in “The City by the Sea.” Palacios Past Matagorda Bay is linked to another, better-known shipwreck story (this one true): the sinking of French explorer La Salle’s ship La Belle…