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The English Home February 2018

The English Home brings you seasonal British design and lifestyle throughout the year. Every issue includes quintessentially British kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, with useful advice from leading interior designers and architects on how to achieve classic, elegant style.

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a letter from home

The days are imperceptibly starting to lengthen, and though we are still in the midst of winter, for many of us thoughts are turning towards dreams and schemes for the coming year. To echo this forward-looking mood, this issue’s focus is on looking at homes afresh and considering solutions to decorating problems, as well as new approaches to room and garden design. When it comes to refreshing a home’s interior, it is easy to get caught up in colour charts and engulfed in searches for textiles at the planning stage, giving scant attention to the importance of proportion and layout. Yet, the ergonomics and comfort of a home rely on these fundamentals: just as modestly sized rooms can feel cluttered and claustrophobic if poorly designed, so, too, can capacious rooms feel…

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DAVID PARMITER has been photographing houses for The English Home since its launch in 2000, as well as for several other titles and for a number of interior designers. “My work often gives me a serious case of house envy!” He escaped London 20 years ago with his wife and two daughters and is now happily ensconced in rural Wiltshire. When not working, he can often be found cycling, baking bread, singing, or walking Stanley, the family’s English Pointer, on the nearby Marlborough Downs. Favourite recent shoots include an oligarch’s home in The Algarve and an antique dealer’s farmhouse in Wales. “This year I’m determined to devote more time to working on a few personal projects.” David photographed the house feature starting on page 54. RACHEL LEEDHAM, writer of the house…

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home comforts


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hellebore hues

Inspired by hellebore flowers, this desirable pinky hue can be incorporated into almost any colour scheme. The subtle blush exudes an art deco elegance, yet lends a contemporary feel when used on walls or throughout select rooms. Velvets, enamel and ostrich plumes are alluring finishes to imbue spaces with this tonal theme in original and unexpected forms.…

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chalet chic

With the promise of fresh, powdery snow, icy temperatures and bright sunshine, the ski season beckons, and whilst the most important factor is the snowfall prediction, an additional draw to the slopes is the notion of a truly elegant ski chalet. Big windows, natural wood and sheepskins are a must. Natural elements and modern, clean lines in a light, neutral palette can be enlivened with a few colourful accessories. Cushions and hand-woven rugs in vivid hues are a simple way to jazz things up.…

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bathe in glory

True luxury is a pleasure obtained only rarely – nowhere is this more true than in the simple enjoyment of performing quotidian tasks within a beautiful setting. Whether wallowing in splendour for an indulgent bathtime soak or washing away the day’s cares at an elegant vanity stand, nothing soothes the soul quite like elegant surroundings of a thoughtfully accessorised bathroom. FEATURE EVE MIDDLETON PHOTOGRAPHS (LAMP) © SLOAN T HOWARD; (MIRROR) © BAILEY COOPER; (BASIN) © JAMES A HUDSON)…