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The English Home January 2018

The English Home brings you seasonal British design and lifestyle throughout the year. Every issue includes quintessentially British kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, with useful advice from leading interior designers and architects on how to achieve classic, elegant style.

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a letter from home

Press deadline looms ominously, just a few hours away, as I type this letter. The creation of our New Year Honours list is a passion project, both for the team and for myself, involving many additional hours of visiting showrooms incognito, curating samples and compiling pertinent information for the shortlist, which we then debate before whittling it down to the final showcase of noteworthy and inspiring pieces you will find inside. It is a demanding task to determine which brands and individuals are most deserving of an award, but also a vital opportunity to use the power of editorial integrity and impartiality to shine our spotlight on wonderful achievements in the interiors industry across Britain. Many of the brands and items selected are at the aspirational end of the design spectrum…

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new year resolutions

SARAH, managing editor “I bought a 1970s apartment in need of some TLC, and I’ve spent the last year decorating it. Now some of the building work has finished, I can finally choose new curtains for my balcony windows, including a voile panel to temper the sun’s glare – a lucky ‘problem’ of living in a south-facing apartment on a high floor. Another mission for 2018 is to tackle my bathroom, which has no natural light, reconfiguring its layout and decor to make it feel more spacious and luxurious. Come springtime, I look forward to shopping for pretty pots and plants that enhance my balcony but do not block my view of the Cotswold hills, and feeding the birds who perch inquisitively on my balcony railings.” FRANCES, art editor “Having recently completed a…

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home comforts


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stocking fillers

No matter the recipient’s age, a stocking remains a joy to uncover first thing on Christmas morning. As misshapen lumps and bumps give way to carefully chosen gifts unwrapped from their festive finery, the touching thought behind their selection becomes all the more evident. Here are just a few items we would love to unwrap on Christmas morning...…

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sweet charity

The festive season brings with it a timely reminder that goodwill to all extends far beyond simply feasting on the Christmas turkey and enjoying time with family and friends. It is often said that charity begins at home, and whilst demands on time and energy may be many at this time of year, making the effort to help others is a kindness that benefits all. For presents with a difference, opt from amongst our suggested charity gifts to bring more than just cheer under the tree this Christmas.…

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PURSUITS Learning modern calligraphy Calligraphy (from the Greek kalligraphia meaning ‘beautiful writing’) dates back thousands of years and is all about perfection. But its new incarnation – ‘modern calligraphy’ – is much more free. “It doesn’t need to be perfect – it’s the imperfections that make it so human, and that’s the appeal,” says Kirsten Burke, whose new book Secrets Of Modern Calligraphy shares inspiring tips. “It’s about lettering that has energy, without worrying too much about traditional rules,” she says. “Is your handwriting terrible? You aren’t artistic? It doesn’t matter. You can still get amazing results.” Modern calligraphy workshops are run by Kirsten in West Sussex ( ), by Quill London ( ), Meticulous Ink in Bath ( ), Polly & Me in Nottingham ( ) and Judy…