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The English Home November 2017

The English Home brings you seasonal British design and lifestyle throughout the year. Every issue includes quintessentially British kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, with useful advice from leading interior designers and architects on how to achieve classic, elegant style.

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a letter from home

One of the unceasing joys for me of living in England is the changing of the seasons. Ever since I was a child, I have relished the subtle shifts in the colours, sights and sounds of the natural world, the slow and cyclical metamorphosis of our countryside views, and the corresponding mood and ambience we create in our homes. Autumn and spring are my favourites – spring for its invigorating sense of renewal and optimism, and autumn for its gentle segue into a more deliberately home-focussed lifestyle against a melodious palette of gold and russet hues. Interiors companies tell me that the decorating choices we make are noticeably dependant on the season in which we buy – even so far as to impact on colour choices and textures. It makes perfect…

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behind the scenes

• Presenting the Best in British Craftsmanship Award to furniture designer Tom Faulkner to honour his continued attention to detail and ever-evolving use of materials. • Looking forward to a spot of Christmas shopping at the Westonbirt Charities Fair , 24–25 October, held in a beautiful Cotswolds setting. Visit • Planning to visit Holiday House in London. The popular US concept of a designer showhouse is being brought to Britain for the first time, showcasing the work of top interior designers and raising money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation through a modest entrance fee. Open on select days between 9 November and 10 December. For details and tickets visit…

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CHRISTINE STOVELL won a tin of chocolates after entering a national essay competition when she was a primary school pupil, which inspired her to become a writer. After graduating from university, she took various public sector jobs, writing research papers and policy notes by day and “filling up spare drawers with embryonic novels” by night. Losing her father to cancer spurred her on to pursue her dream and become a full-time writer, and she has now had three novels and a novella published. Christine lives and writes on the West Wales coast and as well as making a name for herself writing long and short fiction, she is also an in-demand poet and feature writer. In this issue she has written the house feature starting on page 54. ANDREAS VON EINSIEDEL…

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home comforts

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velvet touch

The enticing feel of thick, plush velvet provides the perfect foil for creating an indulgent atmosphere within the home as temperatures drop outside. Textured upholstery adds a note of luxury to key furniture pieces in both bedroom and living areas, whilst on a smaller scale accessories in colours ranging from richly pigmented tones through to soft feminine pastels add accent highlights and a sumptuous note.…

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heart of glass

Nothing embodies the opposing qualities of durability and fragility quite like the stylish form of hand-crafted glass, itself highlighted by an elegant use of colour. Whether used across large swathes as wall panel designs, or in smaller detailed objects encompassing light fittings and delicate objets d’art, the ethereal quality of this timeless material is given new life with sheer washes and bold shades.…