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The Hockey News January 22, 2018

The Hockey News has been providing the most comprehensive coverage of the world of hockey since 1947. THN is published 18 times a year, including 14 regular issues and four special issues – such as Future Watch, Draft Preview, Yearbook, the #1 selling hockey annual in North America.

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hockey’s pretzel logic

THERE’S AN OLD SCHOOLYARD gag that has one child asking another to say “toast” five times quickly. You may know it. After the second kid says “toast, toast, toast, toast, toast,” the first one then asks, “what do you put in a toaster?” Typically, the answer comes back as toast. Instead of bread. It’s a micro-brainwash. Repeat a mantra frequently enough and it becomes programmed. Knee meet jerk. Sadly, that’s often the reaction among some fans, media members and hockey personnel when an innovative rule change is suggested to improve an already terrific game.A recent case in point is the notion of one-minute penalties, a concept that surfaced at the NHL GMs’ meetings in the fall. Forget for a moment what these penalties would be for, because that’s not the…

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thn poll’s the best UFA center available this summer?’s the best UFA winger available this summer?’s the best UFA defenseman available this summer?SHANAHAN: HARRY HOW/GETTY IMAGES/NHLI; TAVARES: ANDY DEVLIN/NHLI VIA GETTY IMAGES; NEAL: MINAS PANAGIOTAKIS/GETTY IMAGES; CARLSON: MARK BLINCH/NHLI VIA GETTY IMAGES ■…

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The prototype for the model was Gordie Howe. It just isn’t how big a player is or how many fights they were in, but how they play. Power forwards crash the front of the net. They wreak havoc in the crease. They get garbage goals, they aren’t the pretty goal scorers.– Eamonn BrosnanEric Lindros. The player dominated the ice. He could either go through you or dangle around you. He took on the best players every night and put up points and wins for the Flyers. He made John LeClair a goal scorer. Imagine if he had a goalie…Cups would be lined up.– @cdnguinnessMark Messier – put a team on your shoulders and carry them: ‘The Messiah.’ Only player ever to captain two teams to Stanley Cup wins. Second in…

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writing outside the margins

> FOR UP-TO-THE-MINUTE COVERAGE, VISIT THN.COMWHERE TO DRAW LINEIf a goalie like Bishop blasts his coach, can the team-hired writer mention it on the team site? In this case, yes. (JEFF VINNICK/NHLI VIA GETTY IMAGES)AARON PORTZLINE WAS 18 when he joined the Columbus Dispatch. In nearly three decades of service, he became the newspaper’s Columbus Blue Jackets beat writer and, eventually, one of the best NHL beat writers around. But the veteran reporter could see things were changing. The Columbus Dispatch used to be family-owned. Then it was sold to a major chain. The paper even moved from its old building, and all of a sudden the magic was gone. “Even the halls didn’t have the same feel,” he said.And let’s face it: the newspaper industry isn’t in the strongest…

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behind the mask

(MASK: DAVID GUNNARSSON/DAVEART.COM)MAXIME LAGACE | VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTSTALK ABOUT A PERFECT marriage of goalie and theme. The outnumbered 300 Spartans went to war against insurmountable odds, just as Lagace did as the fourthstring goalie on an expansion team everyone expected would flop. So it was a brilliant coincidence that Lagace and artist Dave Gunnarsson came up with a red-and-gold color scheme and design featuring the warriors from the blockbuster action flick 300. ■…

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my weapon

DOUGIE HAMILTONDOUGIE HAMILTON | BAUER VAPOR 1XI SWITCHED TO BAUER after I was drafted in 2011, and I’ve had a pretty similar stick the whole time. I haven’t changed much with the exception of adding a thing here or there when the technology improves. I try to keep it pretty much the same and work with it. I feel it works for me, so I don’t change it too much. I don’t do a whole lot to my sticks, just little things and not during the season. A lot of guys will change their sticks when it’s not working, but I don’t think it’s the stick, it’s the guy using it. I just try to keep it the same and work with it and it seems to work for me.…