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peak tv’s race for maximum buzz

The first screener of the season, for Audience Network’s Mr. Mercedes, was mailed way back on Feb. 6, and the first “FYC” event, for Showtime’s The Chi, was held for TV Academy members March 9. That may sound like a strangely early start to Emmy campaigning, considering that nomination voting doesn’t begin until June 11, final voting doesn’t begin until Aug. 13 and the 70th Emmys won’t happen until Sept. 17. But in the era of Peak TV — with more than 500 scripted series, plus an untold number of talk and reality shows, spread across hundreds of broadcast networks, cable and streaming services — it has never been harder to capture the attention of voters, of whom there are also more now than ever before (some 22,000). And since most…

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‘people are ready to see the truth’

Four months after dozens of women came forward to share their stories of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of Harvey Weinstein — the beginning of a Hollywood-wide reckoning — Jennifer Fox found herself onstage at the Eccles Theater during the Sundance Film Festival, about to tell her own sexual-abuse story with her 114-minute movie. The Tale is a cinematic memoir based on Fox’s life, following a journalist who discovers a story she wrote for a childhood English class about what she believed was a consensual, “special” relationship between her 13-year-old self and her adult track coach. The movie volleys back and forth between the teen Jenny (Isabelle Nelisse) and the adult Jennifer (Laura Dern), who must contend with the much more disturbing reality of the relationship. “People are ready to…

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‘it’s the highest and lowest points in his life’

After earning an Emmy nomination for last year’s Bernie Madoff biopic The Wizard of Lies, director Barry Levinson returns to HBO with another film based on true events, Paterno. Starring Al Pacino as the famed Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, the TV movie centers on the last few weeks of his life, when a sexualabuse scandal around assistant coach Jerry Sandusky rocked the university and the football program. Levinson opened up to THR about bringing the sensitive story to the screen, working with Pacino and that Anthony Scaramucci executive producer credit. Paterno obviously had a very big presence in education and college football outside of the Sandusky trial. Was the plan for this film always to focus on just the end of his life and the scandal? Yes, because otherwise you’re…

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‘the age of the asshole is over’

Black Mir ror’s #MeToo Moment The script for the “USS Callister” episode of Netflix’s creepy sci-fi series Black Mirror was conceived long before the Harvey Weinstein bombshells and the subsequent #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, but the episode felt especially timely when it aired with the rest of the six-episode fourth season in December. Following tech genius Robert Daly (Jesse Plemons), who creates his own Star Trek-esque universe within an online game where he controls and abuses digital clones of his co-workers, the episode hit Netflix two months into the workplace harassment reckoning. “It kind of contextualized [the episode] in a way that was completely unexpected,” says director Toby Haynes. “It just brought new meaning to it. You’re watching it going, ‘Crikey, this is really touching on something here.’” Still, Haynes largely credits…

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‘the fact that something actually happened is no defense’

In recent years, true crime and real-life events have seen a resurgence on scripted television. And while it’s often said that truth is stranger than fiction, turning fact into compelling drama comes with its own challenges. “Reality is messy,” says Rene Balcer, veteran producer of Law & Order, who this year spun the franchise that often rips cases straight from the headlines off into the NBC limited series True Crime: The Menendez Murders. “While a true-life story can offer the writer an abundance of ready-made riches, if you get into narrative trouble you can’t just have Vin Diesel drive his car through your front window and save the day. And while it’s true that reality often strains credulity, the fact that something actually happened is no defense if it strikes a…

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godless work

Scott Frank spent years trying to make Godless — a Western that follows a town full of women (widowed when a mine collapsed) who find their homes threatened after the arrival of an injured outlaw — as a movie. It finally came to fruition as a seven-part Netflix series, starring Jack O’Connell, Michelle Dockery and Jeff Daniels. Frank, 58, spoke to THR about his starstudded cast and their horse-riding abilities. How did this project end up as a limited series? I wrote it in 2004 as a film and tried to get it made forever. Westerns just were not in fashion and they didn’t do well overseas in particular, which was a key part of the decision. Steven Soderbergh had just done Behind the Candelabra on HBO and said, “It’s like a whole…