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Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine July 2019

Since 1981, Traverse, Nothern Michigan's Magazine celebrates the best of life Up North through award-winning photography and editorial. Every month, you'll get insider travel tips, regional history, armchair adventure and pristine landscapes. With Traverse Magazine you'll stay in touch with life Up North all year long-wherever you are.

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on michigan time

Our house was full this past weekend with four twenty-something kids, friends and an extra dog. All but one are through the college years, working and happy to come home, relax and let life on the lake unfold. Their voices were a low, reassuring hum as I went up to bed well before them, and there was not a stirring in the mornings as my husband, Neal, and I drank our coffee watching the sun slowly turn the shore across the lake a blaze of sun-drenched gold. This was not our life for many years. Some people get kids who sleep in. We didn’t. Ours were up at 6:00 am no matter what time they went to bed. Their curls may have been rumpled, their eyes groggy, but by god they…

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jeff gilles

TRAVERSE CITY BALLOON TOURS I pull into the parking lot at Roy’s General Store in Traverse City. It’s a cool evening in August and Jeff Gilles is already there, prepping for our sunset flight. Jody and Nadine, a couple visiting from Florida, join me. The flight is Nadine's 70th birthday present, something that's been on her bucket list for ages. Presented with a clipboard, we each scribble our signature, signing our trust over to Gilles. Our faith is well placed; he's one of the most experienced hot air balloon pilots in Michigan having taken his first flight in 1978 at just four years old. Since then, he’s piloted about 5,000 flights, bringing more than 40,000 passengers along for the ride. The three of us are ushered into Gilles' van and we take off…

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boats we love on mackinac island

UGLY ANNE The name might be a bit misleading. This red-hulled beauty was built in the mid 1970s in North Berwick, Maine, and designed for overnight offshore lobster fishing in the North Atlantic. Later she was rigged for dragging fish and shrimp nets. Ugly Anne now offers cruises and private charters in northern Lake Huron, but she is still a tough little ship. A Detroit Diesel with about 600 horsepower allows the 17 tons of oak ribs and mahogany planking to glide through the finicky waters of the Mackinac Straits. MACKINAWTOUR.COM ISLE ROYALE QUEEN III Ever feel like your boat is just not big enough to hold all your friends? Well, take note. In 1960, the 57-foot Isle Royale Queen II went into service carrying passengers and cargo across Lake Superior to Isle…

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a jiigtamok in baawating

The region's original people have long gathered in Michigan's oldest city, the “place of the rapids,” to hunt, fish and hold an annual celebration of friendship and the season's new life. The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians continues that spirit with its 38th annual Traditional Powwow and Summer Gathering July 4–7. We asked organizers what not to miss. THE INAUGURAL BATTLE OF THE GREAT LAKES singing competition has invited drum groups from the Midwest and Canada vying for a total of $10,000 in prize money. Their mesmerizing song styles that date back centuries are scored on cohesion and harmony and even how engaged dancers are when they play. THE GRAND ENTRY lasts less than a half hour, but like an Olympics opening ceremony, it sets the stage with its pageantry…

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pet-friendly mackinac island

BREED: Border Collie HOME: Mission Point Resort FAVORITE THING: Meeting guests from around the globe. SLEEP PET-FRIENDLY AND POSH Mission Point Resort offers 38 pet-friendly rooms in its Straits Lodge, all newly remodeled. Book “Pooch at the Point” for the best value and to get the cool gift of a personal pet bowl. The resort even has a signature bedtime read about pets—the story of Nick the resort dog. Note: Those luxe Carhartt beds may be just for the dogs, but you get the jacuzzi. MISSIONPOINT.COM DOGGY PADDLE Here, that phrase doesn’t refer to a swimming style. It means that when you go for a paddle you take your dog along. Book a guided sunrise trip with Great Turtle Kayak Tours to glide along the ferry docks or the sunset trip to see the sun sink…

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red hot best of northern michigan 2019

HANG OUT WITH US BEYOND THE PAGES Instagram Facebook MyNorth Tickets MyNorth Tickets FEATURED EVENTS 7/1 THE YOUNG AMERICANS DINNER THEATRE Boyne Highlands Resort 7/11 - 8/4 PARALLEL 45 THEATRE’S SUMMER SEASON Civic Center Park Amphitheater 7/19 - 20 MARY POPPINS, JR. Old Town Playhouse 7/20 LEELANAU PENINSULA WINE ON THE WATER Suttons Bay 7/25 - 28 THE FOREIGNER Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts 7/26 - 8/3 BAROQUE ON BEAVER CONCERT SERIES Beaver Island NORTHERN MICHIGAN BREWERY Short's Brewing Company, Bellaire Could it really be 17 years since Joe Short let the microbrew horse out of the NoMi barn with his Short’s Brewery? My, how time flies with great beer… cheers. » Hop Lot Brewing Co., Suttons Bay » Stormcloud Brewing Company, Frankfort NORTHERN MICHIGAN RESTAURANT Trattoria Stella, Traverse City We never tire of dining in this soft-lit, brick den where Chef Myles Anton prepares fresh culinary perfection and sommelier Amanda Danielson pairs it…