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Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine September 2019

Since 1981, Traverse, Nothern Michigan's Magazine celebrates the best of life Up North through award-winning photography and editorial. Every month, you'll get insider travel tips, regional history, armchair adventure and pristine landscapes. With Traverse Magazine you'll stay in touch with life Up North all year long-wherever you are.

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the land we love

Last night, I went to the 30th-anniversary picnic celebration for the Leelanau Conservancy. It was a gorgeous evening filled with magic light in the middle of a golden field and a tent filled with hundreds of people who love the Leelanau Peninsula. Executive Director Tom Nelson asked us to soak in the image of a young person three or four generations from now, standing upon any one of the thousands of acres preserved, experiencing the exact same thing our generation experienced. If you have been involved in a conservancy, you would find this exceedingly easy because that is what drives the work of the members, the staff, the board, the volunteers and the landowners and farmers who make the decision to donate land or put it under a conservation easement…

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everyone has a story

Some stories will hit a nerve from your past. Some will be so far out they’ll seem unbelievable—yet too crazy to make up. It’s an audience experience unlike anything in the region. October through May, Here:Say brings live storytelling to The Workshop Brewing Company in downtown Traverse City, connecting people through life’s many experiences. Founder and Creative Director Karen Stein shares more: Is there a story that stands out from years past? I don’t like to say “the best story was…” because they’re each different and powerful in their own way, but some are memorable because of the circumstances during the performance. The theme was Shock and Awe, and this woman told a story about winning the 2018 Ohio Lesbian Festival Arm Wrestling Championship. She entered it on a lark, and one…

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calling all bookworms!

SEPTEMBER 5 | DAVID MARANISS A GOOD AMERICAN FAMILY: THE RED SCARE AND MY FATHER In his 12th book, the Pulitzer-winning writer poetically tells the story of his parents’ lives—transitioning from studying at the University of Michigan to joining the workforce to being blacklisted, all as members of the Communist Party USA during the height of the Red Scare. OCTOBER 9 | RANDALL SULLIVAN THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND A deeply researched account of a mystifying subject: the deadly, desperate and disastrous treasure hunts on Oak Island. Sullivan joins Michigan brothers Marty and Rick Lagina as they attempt to fathom the unfathomable, as seen on their History Channel show, The Curse of Oak Island. OCTOBER 16 | SUSAN ORLEAN THE LIBRARY BOOK Meet the peculiar characters of the Los Angeles Central Library. Susan Orlean, the author of the…

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the legend gets a sequel

Author Katharine Crawford Robey has been thinking about the beloved book The Legend of Sleeping Bear her entire life. Like many readers, Robey was pained by the legend’s ending. So, she decided to change it. Robey’s recently released sequel, The Sleeping Bear Wakes Up, honors the Ojibwe legend while giving readers a new conclusion filled with love. Robey’s roots run deep at Sleeping Bear. In the 1930s, her grandparents built a log cabin near what is now the national park, and the family has spent many summers there. The Wisconsin native made the trip to Northern Michigan along the same route as the mother bear and her cubs—across Lake Michigan, albeit on the car ferry S.S. Badger. “Through the years, the shape of Sleeping Bear Dunes has changed. My story reflects…

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earthwork harvest gathering

BOB’S BURGERS Earthwork Farm is a working farm run by Seth’s dad, Bob, who also co-founded and co-directs the gathering. Bob has a small herd of grass-fed cows and is the man behind the beloved burgers and homemade fries at the gathering. WALTZ HOUR Bob Bernard is a man of many talents, one of them being the waltz. Sashay under twinkling lights in the barn on Saturday night. (There’s a waltz workshop on Friday night so you’re ready.) FARMERS MARKET Get local foods at the market and then head to the community kitchen to cook your meal. You’ll also find panel discussions about food justice, farm animals, a sound garden and more in the market area. WORKSHOPS This event isn’t just a music festival, it’s a place for people to learn, heal and grow. There are workshops…

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experience the unbelievable

Interactive magic and jaw-to-the-floor illusions are coming to Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts in Manistee October 3. Bill Blagg’s comedic approach brings more to the stage than just impressive magic. “It’s David Copperfield meets Second City,” Blagg says. Each trick flows together to create a seamless show with plenty of shock, awe and laugh-out-loud moments. An intimate venue like The Ramsdell will make the performance even more entrancing. “It’s such a close-up space, and I love being in facilities like that performing magic because your connection with the audience, and the experience people get, is different than with a larger venue,” Blagg says. “You’ll experience sleight of hand on a grand scale and a variety of different styles of magic. Plus, it’s a gorgeous building.” Summing up his show: “It’s over…