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Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine June 2020

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Since 1981, Traverse, Nothern Michigan's Magazine celebrates the best of life Up North through award-winning photography and editorial. Every month, you'll get insider travel tips, regional history, armchair adventure and pristine landscapes. With Traverse Magazine you'll stay in touch with life Up North all year long-wherever you are.

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the exhilaration of the north

This issue represents an exciting milestone for Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine: It is our 40th June issue and kicks off a year of celebration. And while this issue is not being celebrated in print, it is big and beautiful and filled with both present-day splendor and lots of fun looking back. Our editorial team scoured years of old issues and discovered so much they wanted to highlight that we simply can’t get it all into one issue. So, we will keep the 40th-anniversary look-backs going throughout the whole year. And because June is arriving in your inbox as a digital issue, we included something really fun: the complete first issue of Traverse. As you will see, it is a far, far cry from the Traverse of today. At that time, we…

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looking back

FIRST HOME: The first home in the region was built in 1847 by Horace Boardman. After constructing a sawmill near the mouth of what is now called the Boardman River, he decided to make his home near the present day 8th Street and Boardman Avenue in Traverse City. The house was only 16 feet by 24 feet and made from pine logs hewn with a broad axe. It was known as the blockhouse and eventually destroyed by fire. FIRST HONEYMOON: Even before the Traverse area was completely settled, it was a destination for honeymooners. The first of these “wedding tours” was that of Lewis Miller and Catherine Kiley in 1845. After being wed near Mackinac, the Millers set sail in a chartered sloop called Lady of the Lake in late September.…

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traverse classics

We think birthdays are a big deal, so we’re going to be celebrating all year long by sharing Traverse classics online at and in print (watch for more 40th-anniversary content in the July issue!). Sign up for our free Daily Splash newsletter so you don’t miss out on the fun. THE FISHERMAN WHO SAVED FISHTOWN FEATURED IN JULY 2007 Back in 1971, only a fool would have bought the broken-down old fishing shanties on the banks of the Leland River. Thankfully, Bill Carlson thought differently. Read the full story: THE TALE OF THE LONG-LOST DUNESMOBILE FEATURED IN JULY 2013 In 1948, Detroit was rebounding from World War II and automobiles, not bomber planes, were rolling off the assembly lines. Among the cars: 10 shiny black Ford convertibles—the Dunesmobiles. Read the full story: A…

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wish you were here

THE WAY IT WAS JAMES HENDRYX From the early ‘20s until his death in 1963, the colorful Suttons Bay novelist churned out tales of his most famous character, Black John Smith. We profiled him posthumously: “Sometimes in the winter, when snow closed the roads on Lee Point, Hendryx would have the hired man clear a path to the shore of the bay and drive off in the car over the ice to Traverse City. One time, after a day of poker playing and grocery shopping in town, the car broke through the ice on the return trip. Hendryx salvaged some of the groceries before the car sank in the freezing waters. A farmer happened along and yelled, ‘What in the world are you doing, Jim?’ Hendryx yelled back, ‘I’m starting a grocery…

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staff moments

LISSA EDWARDS » Time at Traverse: 32 years » Former Position: Staff Writer » Current Position: Managing Editor “I was interviewing James Earl Jones on the phone for a story on his old one-room schoolhouse days in Dublin (near Manistee). He told me how he'd wet his pants on his first day of school and thought the teacher would whip him. Instead she gave him a big hug and a change of clothes. At the end of the interview I said: ‘Well, James Earl, I am going to tell my five-year-old son that I talked to Darth Vader on the phone.’ He said: ‘You tell him Darth Vader wet his pants.’” JEFF SMITH » Time at Traverse: 24.5 years (a break after the first five years, only to then return home) » Former Positions: Freelance Writer, Assistant…

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thank you, subscribers!

Some of you have been with us from the very beginning, back when the first issue came out in June 1981, and some of you are joining us for the first time in June 2020. And we are so lucky. Lucky to know people like you, people who are as passionate about protecting and celebrating Northern Michigan as we are; lucky to see the photos you send us; lucky to hear your stories about your cabins and memories and families. We are all kindred spirits, and your support has meant the world to us. Cheers to this awe-inspiring place and to you, friends!—The MyNorth Team“ I FIRST CAME UPON TRAVERSE WHILE WAITING IN AN ATTORNEY’S OFFICE IN THE EARLY 1980’S. FAVORITE PLACES ARE TAHQUAMENON FALLS AND MACKINAC ISLAND’S GRAND HOTEL.…