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Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine July 2020

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Since 1981, Traverse, Nothern Michigan's Magazine celebrates the best of life Up North through award-winning photography and editorial. Every month, you'll get insider travel tips, regional history, armchair adventure and pristine landscapes. With Traverse Magazine you'll stay in touch with life Up North all year long-wherever you are.

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a resilient north

It is with such joy, gratitude and humility that we are able to bring you Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine, once again in print. We can’t thank our subscribers, small business advertisers and supporters enough for embracing the truly amazing digital magazines we were able to produce in May and June, and will continue to produce. Our team, all working remotely, turned on a dime, adding more content to the digital issues, more beauty and more connection. Our advertisers embraced the digital-only publications, welcoming the expanded audience we provided for those months. The notes of support we receive from so many of you as we traverse this challenging time mean more than you could possibly know—not just as votes of confidence, but as reminders that we are all kindred spirits, celebrating…

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s’more season

Chocolate + Raspberry YOU’LL NEED Chocolate biscottiBaby marshmallowsFresh raspberriesBenjamin Twiggs Cherry Fudge Topping ASSEMBLY Set the fudge topping close enough to the bonfire to warm it up. Roast baby marshmallows then slide them off the skewer and onto the biscotti. Drizzle with fudge and top with raspberries. Peanut Butter + Banana YOU’LL NEED Graham crackersNaturally Nutty Organic Vanilla Almond ButterSliced bananaGrocer’s Daughter Chocolate Bar (look for fun shapes like fish!)Marshmallow ASSEMBLY Smear a graham cracker with almond butter. Layer it with banana slices. Yep, now the chocolate. Roast a marshmallow and squish it all together with a graham cracker lid. Chocolate + Cherry YOU’LL NEED Graham crackersCherry Republic Cherry JamKilwins TuttlesMarshmallow ASSEMBLY Spread jam on a graham cracker. Top with a Tuttle, roasted marshmallow and the other half of the cracker.…

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eat outdoors

Michael Gray, founder of Uncommon Adventures, knows a thing or two about cooking outdoors. Michael has spent almost 40 years guiding fellow explorers on paddling adventures in the Great Lakes, Roatan, Greenland, Iceland, Alaska and more. His trail-tested cookbook “Hey, I’d Eat this at Home!” has more than 100 recipes and tips for chefs in the wild. Find more at MI-PADDLEADVENTURE.COM PACK A GOOD SPICE KIT. Fresh herbs are portable and most flavorful. Wrap uncut herbs in a damp paper towel and then package them loosely in a cellophanelined paper coffee bag (the type you buy coffee beans in). MICROFIBER KITCHEN TOWELS are lightweight, easy to clean and work as hot pads, top insulators, napkins, placemats and even … well … towels. WINE ADDS FLAVOR to a number of dishes and is…

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the giant killer

“It’s time I tell you who I really am,” Richard said to his longtime friend David Yuzuk, a Miami police officer. But 10 days later, Flaherty was killed in a mysterious hit-and-run. Yuzuk spent three years investigating his friend’s life and death, and went on to make an award-winning documentary about what he discovered (released in 2018; available on Amazon and iTunes). His new book by the same name adds more details to the story. At 4 feet 9 inches and 97 pounds, Flaherty needed a congressional waiver just to enlist in the Army. Bullied at boot camp, Flaherty nonetheless became a Green Beret captain, earning the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts for his actions in Vietnam. Flaherty’s decommission in 1971 was unexpected, and Flaherty sank into the world…

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WED 1 NATIONAL PICNIC MONTH Find local markets with the best picnic provisions in this month’s Dining Department. WED 1 NATIONAL POSTAL WORKER DAY Say thanks to your postal carrier! SAT 4 INDEPENDENCE DAY Find festive cocktails on page 19. SUN 5 NATIONAL GRAHAM CRACKER DAY Our favorite way to enjoy a good ol' graham? S’mores. Recipes on page 12. TUES 7 NATIONAL FATHERDAUGHTER TAKE A WALK DAY Discover a new trail to explore together at FRI 10 NATIONAL KITTEN DAY Adopt, foster or volunteer at a local animal shelter or nonprofit such as Community Cats of Benzie County. SUN 19 NATIONAL DAIQUIRI DAY Toast with our favorite daiquiri recipe. MyNorth.comCoconutCherry MON 20 NATIONAL MOON DAY In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. Visit Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw City for the best night sky views. WED 22 NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY Host the greatest hot dog…

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red, white and blue cocktails

BLUEBERRY RUM COLLINS 12 blueberries2 ounces Manitou Passage Rum1 ounce lemon juice1 ounce simple syrup Club soda Muddle eight blueberries in a glass then add ice. Add the other ingredients, top off with club soda and garnish with four blueberries on top. PIÑA COLADA 1 can Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut Pineapple juice2 ounces Manitou Passage Rum1 cherry Pour a can of Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut into a blender. Then fill that can with pineapple juice, add to blender and mix the two together. Put ice, rum and the coconut mixture into a shaker. Shake, pour into a cocktail glass and garnish with a cherry. BLUEBERRY MOJITO 2 good-sized sprigs of mint2 lime wedges10 blueberries¾ ounce simple syrup2 ounces Manitou Passage RumClub soda Muddle mint (save three leaves for garnish), lime wedges, 5–7 blueberries along with simple…