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Since 1981, Traverse, Nothern Michigan's Magazine celebrates the best of life Up North through award-winning photography and editorial. Every month, you'll get insider travel tips, regional history, armchair adventure and pristine landscapes. With Traverse Magazine you'll stay in touch with life Up North all year long-wherever you are.

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remembering kurt luedtke

I lost a dear friend last month. It wasn’t COVID-19—but rather the winding down of a long and remarkable life. People all over, particularly Eleanor, his wife of many decades, are adjusting to a world without Kurt. I’m certainly one of them. I would not try to write about Kurt’s life, or the loss of him, if it weren’t for profound impact on this dream of a magazine for more than 37 years. I met Kurt Luedtke when I was 26 years old and in way over my head, having started Traverse on a song and a prayer, and neither seemed to be helping. I owed more than $180,000 in active payables, and any one of 10 things could shut us down on any given day. I was working two jobs,…

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the siren song of shipwrecks

How many shipwrecks have you dived to in the Great Lakes? I have dove on 68 shipwrecks so far and counting. And how many more are on your bucket list? I’m planning to dive every known wreck I can reach at a depth of 200 feet or less in the Great Lakes. So, a few hundred more. So far, what are your favorites? Westmoreland, Frankfort, Lake Michigan, 200’: Westmoreland was amazing to see because of its story. [Legend has it she went down with a winter’s pay for the entire garrison stationed at Fort Mackinac—gold pieces that would be worth millions today. Read the full story at] The ship is intact—the wheel is in place, and the hogging arches are a sight to see. Eber Ward, Straits of Mackinac, 142’: The Eber Ward is sitting…

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predicting peak color

So, that million-dollar question: when will we see color around here? You would think the answer is simple, but it's not. The color change depends on a lot of things. First, the amount of sunshine is a major factor. The long days of summer sun keep the leaves green as the trees make chlorophyll. However, as the days get shorter, trees stop making as much chlorophyll, and the leaves start to change. This is when things get interesting in Northern Michigan. The more sunshine we get in September, the more delayed the change. Add in a big drop in temperatures and lots of clouds, and colors change quicker. And we can't forget the amount of rainfall— if we are in a drought, plan on a quicker change. A good example is last…

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stationed in time

Traverse writer Tim Penning noted that not much had changed at Crandall’s since the time when a gas station was considered a new idea. “The cars come in different styles now and the pumps offer more varieties of gasoline, but the building remains the same,” Penning wrote in ’87. Today, memories of 72-year-old Deronda “Curly” Crandall can be found throughout the art deco building and tiling, now home to Randy’s Olde Towne Service. The original lettering spelling out “washing,” “greasing,” “batteries” and “tires” still hangs above the garage doors. And on one of the shop’s doors, the metal portion along the bottom is concave from all the times Crandall kicked it open to pump gas for a customer. In 1987, Crandall was no longer running the station, but he was still pumping…

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THU 1 HUNT FOR THE REDS OF OCTOBER Leelanau wineries are known for award-winning whites, but this event is all about discovering the high-quality reds also produced on the peninsula. Your ticket gets you a pour at more than 20 participating wineries. Monday–Friday, Oct. 1–31; FRI 2 EMPIRE HOPS & HARVEST FESTIVAL Food, drinks and live music in downtown Empire. Oct. 2–3; SAT 3 SLEEPING BEAR MARATHON, HALF MARATHON & 5K The out-and-back course takes runners by the Dune Climb, Little Glen Lake and Glen Arbor, with plenty of gorgeous views in between. MON 5 FRANKFORT BEER WEEK Craft beer-inspired events, menus and specials through Oct. 10 at a variety of Frankfort businesses and restaurants. SAT 10 B.B. KING BLUES BAND The Great Lakes Center for the Arts in Bay Harbor presents the B.B. King Blues Band with Claudette King…

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3 fall wine events & tours

HUNT FOR THE REDS OF OCTOBER WEEKDAYS IN OCTOBER Wineries on the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail, voted No. 2 Best Wine Region in the nation by USA Today, are well-known for riesling and other cool-climate white varietals, but the area’s award-winning reds are often overlooked. So, all month long, Leelanau County vintners at more than 20 participating wineries are showcasing their best red wines, including big and bold merlots, aromatic and spicy pinot noirs and more. Tickets are $25 per person and include a souvenir wine glass. Your ticket gets you a complimentary pour at each of the participating wineries throughout the month (Monday–Friday). After your featured wine tasting, standard tasting fees apply. Proceeds from the event benefit the American Red Cross of Northern Michigan.; OTSEGO RESORT'S ANNUAL WINE & CHEESE FALL…