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Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine October 2017

Since 1981, Traverse, Nothern Michigan's Magazine celebrates the best of life Up North through award-winning photography and editorial. Every month, you'll get insider travel tips, regional history, armchair adventure and pristine landscapes. With Traverse Magazine you'll stay in touch with life Up North all year long-wherever you are.

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present in autumn’s presence

I was 18 years old the first time I was in Northern Michigan during fall color. Seems a bit unbelievable, but in hindsight, it makes sense given our household of four kids, school, sports. That first time, I was a freshman in college, the youngest and the only one home for a fall break when my parents decided we should head north for a couple of days. That seemed out of character for my dad, but since I was mostly hoping for sleep and food and more sleep, it was perfectly fine with me. We arrived on a magical day, the kind of fall day when the reflection of color from the trees is almost perfectly emulated in the still of the lake, where clouds literally drift on the small tremors…

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coast guard commander nathan coulter

Inside: New Preserve along Tunnel of Trees Portage Point Inn Update State Hospital Tours It’s been a year of big changes at the Coast Guard Air Station in Traverse City. Not only is the base getting a huge upgrade of its aircraft—transitioning from the lighter weight, Baywatch-esque H-65 helicopters to the more rugged Blackhawk-style H-60 choppers—the base is also getting an almost entirely new crew, including Commander Nathan Coulter. And after serving for a decade in the Pacific Northwest, including six years in Alaska, the veteran H-60 pilot says he’s looking forward to the relatively milder challenge of the Great Lakes. So did you have any say in getting stationed here? Well, it’s funny: Everybody gets to ask for what they want, but ultimately they’re called orders for a reason. So you look through the list…

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hoogland family nature preserve

It’s rare that a major conservation project is described as “simple.” And when a 100-acre parcel came up for sale along the scenic Tunnel of Trees, the Little Traverse Conservancy’s Kieran Fleming certainly didn’t think preserving it would be a slam dunk. For one, the land contained some valuable Lake Michigan frontage—and thus a hefty price tag. But when the conservancy showed the property to the Hoogland family, donors who had been searching for just the right parcel to buy and donate to the conservancy, things moved faster than expected. It turned out the land up for sale was just a stone’s throw from a beachfront picnic spot the Hooglands had frequented decades ago. The nostalgia fueled a speedy offer, quick sale, and subsequent donation to the conservancy of all…

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portage point inn

In 1903, a Chicago-based transportation company opened an elegant inn on Onekama’s Portage Lake. They named it The Portage Point Inn and used their five steamships, each 375 feet long, to ferry Chicagoans weary of their stifling summer to the reprieve of the north—taking advantage of the deep harbor right at the inn’s protected shore. The inn was designed by the same firm that designed Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel, and it echoed the same Victorian presence. But over the decades, the fortunes of Portage Point Inn waxed and waned, and a few years ago it fell into bankruptcy, which is how Robert Gezon, a dredging company owner, became a resort owner. His vision is to restore the resort’s luster, and he cleared a big hurdle in July when the township…

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state hospital tours

Twenty years ago, touring the old state hospital in Traverse City simply involved locating one of the old doorways someone hadn’t bothered to board up. Today, however, there’s no need to trespass because the onceabandoned hospital is one of the city’s most dynamic redevelopment sites and the developer, the Minervini Group, now does regular guided walking tours of the old hospital campus, now named The Village at Grand Traverse Commons. Reserve your spot and you’ll get to learn how the hospital’s first superintendent used the site’s natural beauty as a cornerstone of mental health treatment, explore an unrenovated building, and even travel through one of the hospital's legendary underground tunnels (yes, they exist.)…

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