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TV Guide Magazine October 14, 2019

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editor’s letter

The Winchester brothers are nearing the end of the road. But we’ve still got a whole new season of Supernatural to enjoy—until next spring’s series finale hits fans in the heart harder than a bullet from the Colt revolver, of course. Senior writer Ileane Rudolph sat down with stars Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (below, from left, goofing around during our cover shoot) on the Vancouver set for a conversation about how the actors are coping with saying goodbye to their characters, the show and the loyal viewers. We’ve also got scoop on the good vs. evil battles on deck, how newest musketeer Alexander Calvert’s half-angel Jack will come back into play and the really good reason Dean sings in a later episode. We know fans of Supernatural…

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america’s top tv critic matt roush answers your burning questions

@TVGMMattRoush The Emmys have never been more awful than they were this year. That they didn’t see fit to give The Big Bang Theory, a wildly successful hit, a proper acknowledgment the way they did Game of Thrones and Veep was terrible. I expected the Big Bang cast to present a comedy award, and instead they were sidelined to a clip reel. And I can’t understand why the producers didn’t try to capitalize on the 25th anniversaries of Friends and ER. Rather than bad banter and shtick, the Emmys should do more to pay homage to the reason we’re all watching: the TV shows! —Molly MATT ROUSH: All very valid points, and even if the logistics had worked against gathering the entire Big Bang, Friends and ER casts, any effort to present…

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plus your feedback

RETURNING PLAYERS Thank you, FBI, for bringing John Boyd on board. He was wonderful as almost-never-without-food junior FBI agent James Aubrey in Bones, and he fits in well with the FBI team. —Marsha Cheers to the return of [Gilmore Girls character] Lane Kim! Keiko Agena is a quirky delight on Prodigal Son. —Aimee FOND FAREWELL As a fan from Day 1, I was totally satisfied with the Suits finale [September 25]. What a great way to wrap up the lives and loves of these wonderfully written characters. Bravo! —Jeanne BUSY BINGER Kudos to Netflix for a great story in Unbelievable! I watched all eight episodes in one day. —Susan Email us: COMING NEXT ISSUE LAW & ORDER: SVU Cheers to another year of the longest-running drama, now airing its milestone 21st season! TV GUIDE MAGAZINE celebrates star Mariska Hargitay…

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premiere week: failure to launch?

THE 2019–20 TV SEASON has officially begun…but did anyone notice? During the broadcast networks’ premiere week (September 23–29), ratings were less than spectacular overall, with high-profile new series failing to break out and some returning favorites taking a blow. In fact, looking at the average ratings for premiere week over the past five years (see chart below)—when hits like NBC’s Blindspot (2015) and CBS’s Young Sheldon (2017) emerged—approximately 12 million total viewers disappeared. The biggest year-to-year drop: from 2018 (27.4 million) to this year (22 million). Luckily, the news isn’t all bad, particularly for a few returning shows. While the Season 2 premiere of Fox’s The Masked Singer (8.0 million) was down from last January’s series debut (9.4 million), it did help Fox win Wednesday night in both total viewers and…

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good medicine

THE DOCTOR’S SECRET WEAPON THE GOOD DOCTOR MONDAYS, 10/9C, ABC Yes, Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and his fellow physicians on The Good Doctor are at the top of their game. And offscreen, the actors and writers have a great coach to help their characters stay that way. Dr. Oren Gottfried, the drama’s lead medical consultant, tries to ensure that the cases handled at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital are as legitimate as they are dramatic. “I present all areas of medicine,” says the professor of neurosurgery at Duke University, who both weighs in on the validity of the writers’ ideas and makes his own plotline pitches. “It’s rarely stories from my daily work,” he adds, although Gottfried does pull some concepts from a journal of “cool, interesting cases” he’s encountered over his…

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gesine prado

Haunted Gingerbread Showdown Sundays, 10/9c Food Network VERMONT-BASED PASTRY CHEF Gesine Prado wasn’t always a confectionary professional. But the lawyer and former production company president (she headed up sister Sandra Bullock’s Fortis Films) found herself “baking in all of my free time and thinking about baking in my non-free time.” So in 2004, she followed her dream and relocated from Los Angeles to the Northeast. Since then, Prado has penned five cookbooks and led Food Network’s Baked in Vermont—where she showed off her skills from her baking school, Sugar Glider Kitchen, set in a converted 18th-century farmhouse—and is currently a judge on Haunted Gingerbread Showdown. Here, Prado reveals how she got her sweet tooth. When did your love of baking begin? I’m convinced it started in utero. The second I could reach the counter, I…