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TV Guide Magazine March 16, 2020

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MINDS BLOWN I am sad that Criminal Minds has ended, but what a classy ending to reward us loyal fans! —Christine Kudos to CBS for the Criminal Minds series finale! What a phenomenal end. Everything was wrapped up nicely. Thank you! —Terri MISSED OPPORTUNITY? It was a delight to open my mailbox and see The Conners on the cover [February 17 issue]. I wish ABC hadn’t been so quick to abandon Roseanne Barr. They could have spent the past two seasons dealing with Roseanne’s struggle with her ingrained racism. It would have made for some powerful television. At least The Conners is keeping the spotlight on the struggle to stay financially solvent. —Kathy FOND FAREWELL Your Robert Conrad tribute in the March 2 issue [page 5] brought tears to my eyes. RIP, Bob. —Paul Email us: COMING…

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america’s top tv critic matt roush answers your burning questions

@TVGMMattRoush We just finished watching Sanditon on PBS’s Masterpiece, and is it really possible there won’t be a second season for this delightful Jane Austen series? The way it left the two romantic leads, Charlotte (Rose Williams) and Sidney (Theo James), cruelly separated by fate and circumstance can’t be the end of the story! —Janet MATT ROUSH: For now, I’m sorry to say, that’s all he wrote—he being Andrew Davies, who masterfully adapted and expanded Austen’s unfinished novel. The original broadcaster, Britain’s ITV, decided against a second season when ratings didn’t live up to expectations. However, the series’ producers have expressed hope that if Sanditon made a big enough splash in the U.S., there may be a way to keep the show going. Let’s hope so. There’s obviously more story to be…

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the bachelor: senior edition

IS TRUE LOVE ageless? The folks at The Bachelor think so: During the February 24 episode, the ABC hit revealed it was currently “casting seniors looking for love” for a new 65-and-over edition of the franchise. Fans already knew about the upcoming music-themed The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart (premieres Monday, April 13, 8/7c), but this more seasoned spinoff opens up a world of possibilities. Would it be one mature man sorting through a stable of eligible older ladies? Or more of a septuagenarian safari, à la Bachelor in Paradise? We’d prefer to imagine some of television’s grandest golden-agers jumping into the dating pool. —Damian Holbrook Rose Nylund (Betty White, The Golden Girls) Would the bubbly, ever-optimistic St. Olaf, Minnesota, native find someone to melt her Häagen-Dazs? Nah, she’d be the…

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checking up on the morning docs

WHO SAYS PHYSICIANS don’t make house calls anymore? TV’s morning show medical correspondents visit your living room every week. We talked to three of these dedicated journalist doctors (all of whom still see patients) about hot health headlines, wellness tips and why they love wearing the white coat. Dr. Jennifer Ashton Good Morning America, ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Ob-gyn with advanced degrees in nutrition and author, most recently, of The Self Care Solution. Got a take on a hot topic in medicine? With coronavirus, make decisions based on facts, not fear. If you’re not sure about something, like a vacation to a certain area, compare the risks and benefits of doing it. What is an ongoing concern in your specialty area? Our country’s maternal mortality rate has soared over the last 30 years. We put a…

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my crystal clear tv shows to watch in 4k

Modern 4K technology, which features 4,000 pixels onscreen (four times as many as regular high-def sets!), means TV looks sharper than ever before. Here are five of our favorite 4K achievements—powerful documentaries and bright period dramas that marry great storytelling with epic visuals. THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL (PRIME VIDEO) The laughs keep coming in this hit comedy about a female stand-up comic (Rachel Brosnahan, above) trying to make it big in the 1960s. From Las Vegas to Miami, the eye-popping color and period pizzazz on display are no joke. CASTLE ROCK (HULU 4K) In its second chilling season, this drama showcasing characters from the works of Stephen King focuses on a young Annie Wilkes (Lizzy Caplan, above), the killer nurse from Misery. Castle Rock’s eerie lighting is pitch-perfect for the dark tale and the…

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the roush review

Little Fires Everywhere SERIES PREMIERE Wednesday, March 18, Hulu EVEN WITHOUT THE Reese Witherspoon connection, this lacerating eight-part domestic potboiler feels like the natural successor to HBO’s hit Big Little Lies. And the secrets and lies here are doozies. Also based on a gripping bestseller (by Celeste Ng), Little Fires Everywhere trades Lies’ luxurious beachfront property for the rigidly planned community of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Even the height of grass is regulated, “to avoid uncertainty and disaster,” according to a town brochure. Into this 1990s suburban Stepford utopia arrives an agent of chaos: nomadic single mom and mixed-media artist Mia Warren (Scandal’s brooding Kerry Washington), who’s devoted to daughter Pearl (Lexi Underwood). They quickly earn the patronizing and suffocating scrutiny of control-freak supermom Elena Richardson (an expert Witherspoon, also risking typecasting). Elena, who plans even her…