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TV Guide Magazine June 8, 2020

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america’s top tv critic matt roush answers your burning questions

@TVGMMattRoush I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the May 4 finale of All Rise that was set during the quarantine and had a virtual trial as well as the associated side interactions. It certainly was timely, and I thought it was handled very well. Plus, the dance party at the end was great. Your thoughts? —Sandy MATT ROUSH: I received quite a bit of positive feedback on this episode, and I can see why. At a time when I’m hearing from viewers seeking escape from the current gloom and doom, All Rise found a way to tackle the situation cleverly, ending on a celebratory note that reminds us of the power of connectivity during this period of isolation. NBC’s wonderful Parks and Recreation reunion and a special quarantine episode…

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will your favorite show return?

THE PANDEMIC MAY have halted TV production, but that’s not stopping the networks from planning for the 2020-21 season. While premiere dates are still in flux, decisions have been made on which series will be back and which go to the cancellation graveyard. As always, many renewals—64 in total, as of press time—were a given, like CBS’s NCIS, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and NBC’s Chicago franchise. Reality stalwarts such as Fox’s The Masked Singer, ABC’s American Idol and CBS’s Survivor will also return. Fox dramedy The Orville and NBC comedy A.P. Bio will continue—on streaming services (Hulu and Peacock, respectively). Some cancellations were also obvious; see the low-rated Almost Family on Fox and ABC’s Single Parents. But there are head-scratchers in the mix too. We’re looking at CBS, which axed God Friended Me…

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ggg gg gggggggggggggching

Even in the ever-changing TV landscape, some things remain constant—especially when it comes to the most popular series. For the 2019–20 season, football again sacked the competition, CBS’s NCIS ruled in scripted dramas, and NBC’s The Voice hit a high note for reality competition series. Some new entries became favorites (hello, CBS’s FBI: Most Wanted), while a number of crowd-pleasers either got bigger or fell from grace. Remember, numbers don’t lie. ROBIN ALAM/ICON SPORTSWIRE/GETTY IMAGES; JACK ZEMAN/FOX; FP/GETTYIMAGES; ABC; BILL INOSHITA/CBS…

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the roush review

Space Force Newly Available, Netflix “SPACE IS HARD.” This is undoubtedly true. It’s even harder not to laugh when Steve Carell, as gung-ho general Mark Naird, haltingly utters this confession while defending his fledgling Space Force at a Saturday Night Live–worthy parody of a congressional budget hearing. Comedy isn’t easy, either, but Carell and fellow creator and executive producer Greg Daniels—both of The Office—mostly succeed in a spirited satire of military bravado clashing with political hubris during a 21st-century race to the moon. (This time, the Chinese are our cunning and confrontational rivals.) Space Force gets off to a strong start when the panicky Naird, reluctantly accepting the leadership role in this new branch of the armed forces, spars for respect with his combative fellow Joint Chiefs. Reaching for a Veep level of cynical…

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the perry mason you never knew

Perry Mason SERIES PREMIERE Sunday, June 21, 9/8c, HBO When Perry Mason was introduced in an Erle Stanley Gardner mystery novel in 1933, he was already the brilliant trial lawyer who would win case after case in books, movies and TV for the next six decades. The character’s icon status grew exponentially through the formidable presence of Raymond Burr, who personified Mason on the CBS series (1957–66) and in 26 NBC TV movies (1985–93). Despite that long run, little has been revealed about the man before his career successes, leaving plenty of creative leeway for this HBO prequel. Let’s just say Mason’s path to greatness is rocky. TV GUIDE MAGAZINE talked to Matthew Rhys, who switches gears from his Emmy-winning role as The Americans’ Soviet sleeper agent to play Perry Mason’s future legal eagle…

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funny business

The Carol Burnett Show Seasons 1–11 Prime Video; also available to stream on Shout! Factory platforms TALK ABOUT PERFECT comic timing! The world really needs a laugh right now, and as of June 1, all 11 seasons of The Carol Burnett Show are available to watch on several services, including Prime Video. It marks the first time fans can stream the series in its entirety—cue the Tarzan yell of joy! The sketch/variety hour (also available on DVD) ran from 1967 to 1978 on CBS, winning 25 Emmys, with regulars Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner and A-list celebrity guests. Burnett takes us down memory lane. When is the last time you watched the show? A few years ago for my book, [2016’s] In Such Good Company, I watched all 279 episodes. But…