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TV Guide Magazine August 17, 2020

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america’s top tv critic matt roush answers your burning questions

Can you believe the producers thought they could fix Dancing With the Stars’ ratings by firing Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews? I can’t. Tom was the best part of the show. As hard as it is for them to find “stars” who are recognizable, the controversial or political contestants and the unpopular voting formats were all more of an issue in my opinion. I doubt I’ll be tuning in for future seasons. —Mary Kay MATT ROUSH: As you’d expect, the move to replace the hosts with Tyra Banks got many Dancing fans hopping—if not dancing—mad. Without prejudging the new format, as someone who always felt Bergeron deserved more than one Emmy for hosting with such grace and wit, wouldn’t a better solution have been to transition Tyra into the show as…

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regis philbin 1931–2020

TO WATCH REGIS was to know Regis. And to know Regis was to be in the presence of a broadcasting legend. A genuine TV personality and all-around entertainer, he excelled at playing himself—which he often did in sitcom and movie cameos. Regis Philbin, who died on July 24 at age 88 of a heart attack, was his greatest role, and it made him a household name. (Does anyone have to ask “Regis who?”) Oh, Reege. What will TV do without you? Sure, he made Guinness World Records history for clocking the most hours on American TV, but for Regis, it was quality, not quantity, that mattered. “I started small and learned to keep it small,” he wrote in his 1995 year-in-the-life memoir I’m Only One Man! (Note the exclamation point, his…

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stars remember regis

“We never, ever tried to pretend we were anything but what we were—two people who loved each other and were happy to be together. And we had the biggest secret…we had fun.” —Kathie Lee Gifford “I think my biggest takeaway from the 11 years that I shared with him was that you have to be yourself. You cannot be one person on camera and a different person once the light goes off or the audience is gone.” —Kelly Ripa “Regis is in the same category as [Johnny] Carson. Superlative. He was on our show a million times, always the best guest we ever had, charming, lovable and could take a punch. When he retired, I lost interest in television. I love him.” —David Letterman “Regis was a great broadcaster, a good friend and…

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america’s most watched 25 top shows

Watched Live 1 60 Minutes CBS 7.1 The 52-year-old newsmagazine had its third big win of the summer, topping the week with its highest-rated installment since June 28 (7.9 million). 2 America’s Got Talent NBC 6.1 3 NCIS CBS 5.1 4 Young Sheldon CBS 4.3 5 FBI CBS 4.0 6 The Neighborhood CBS 3.8 20/20: American Catastrophe: How Did We Get Here? ABC 3.8 8 The Titan Games NBC 3.7 9 20/20: Regis Philbin: The Morning Maestro ABC 3.6 World of Dance NBC 3.6 United We Fall ABC 3.6 12 Tough as Nails CBS 3.5 Chicago Fire NBC 3.5 14 Bob Abishola CBS 3.4 America’s Funniest Home Videos ABC 3.4 16 Chicago Med NBC 3.3 Mom (9pm) CBS 3.3 Bull CBS 3.3 Greatest #AtHome Videos CBS 3.3 The reality show, hosted by Cedric the Entertainer and featuring viewers’ outlandish and touching home videos, won Friday night in total viewers. Chicago P.D. NBC…

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easy seated workouts

Core: Extend your right leg until your knee is straight. Do the same with your left leg, hold for a count of 3, and lower both legs to the ground. Alternate your starting leg each time. Legs: Plant both feet on the ground so that your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Push through your heels to activate your glutes and hamstrings, then relax. Repeat in sets of 10. Cardio: Loosen up your legs and hip flexors using Cubii’s compact seated elliptical on resistance level 2. Turn the resistance up to level 3 and try to pedal for the entire length of your show. While the show is on, pedal forwards; during commercial breaks, pedal backwards to activate different muscles.…

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readers’ letters

PERRY GOOD Three cheers for HBO’s Perry Mason! Matthew Rhys is superb, and the show is spot-on with its cinematography. It captures the essence of the 1930s. Mr. Rhys has been a favorite of mine since The Americans, and the rest of the cast is also wonderful. I know it is a dark show, but after all, it is adult fare. —Pat UNSATISFYING FINALES Masterpiece, you are killing me! First, you end Sanditon with the only unhappy ending in Jane Austen history. Then you cancel Beecham House after the kidnapping of baby August. Please, PBS, give second seasons to these great shows. —Joan DEEPEST CONDOLENCES Thank you for your tribute to Naya Rivera [August 3]. She was a beautiful woman, and I enjoyed watching her grow up onscreen. Glee’s Santana Lopez was one of my…