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TV Guide Magazine November 9, 2020

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america’s top tv critic matt roush answers your burning questions

I have been curious: Does Scott Bakula really play the piano on NCIS: New Orleans? —Cindy MATT ROUSH: Be curious no longer. That really is him jamming on the keyboard. Bakula’s musical side may be less known, but before Quantum Leap made him a TV star, he was nominated for a Tony Award for the Broadway musical Romance/Romance and later appeared at Carnegie Hall in a concert version of Stephen Sondheim’s cult musical Anyone Can Whistle. (I saw him in both.) I was struck by the recent Jeopardy! episode in which only one contestant was left standing for Final Jeopardy. Host Alex Trebek said he didn’t recall the last time this occurred, and I’m wondering if it ever has. Also, is there a contingency plan in place if there was ever a…

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your feedback

MOVING FINALE I loved the ending of the PBS dramedy Last Tango in Halifax. Two great older actors dancing while the young people watched—so sweet. —Margaret PROCEDURAL FEVER I’m so looking forward to the return of scripted shows, especially CBS’s All Rise, MacGyver and Magnum P.I. And I will be watching to see how Blue Bloods and my two fave NCIS series (Los Angeles and New Orleans) evolve to deal with systemic bias awareness. —Roxane OVERSTUFFED HOST Did Guy Fieri buy the Food Network? I think he must have because he is on several times a week! It would be OK if he had a good show but, alas, he doesn’t. However, I do love The Pioneer Woman, Beat Bobby Flay and Chopped. —Bea SENSITIVE STORY Nine years ago, I lost my mom…

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bloody good! dexter revival in the works

AMERICA’S MOST WELL-MEANING serial killer is coming out of retirement. Dexter—Showtime’s 2006–13 drama about Dexter Morgan, Miami police blood spatter expert and murderer of murderers—will be back next fall in a 10-episode limited series. Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was presumed dead after his boat capsized during a hurricane in the finale, but in the episode’s last minutes, we saw him living a quiet, solitary life working for a lumber company in Oregon. “We’re moving forward to an ending that will be, as Chekhov said, surprising but inevitable,” says executive producer Clyde Phillips. In the revival, eight years have passed, and Dexter is in a new locale, “somewhere we’ve never seen him before,” says Phillips, who plans to start production in January. Familiar characters return (maybe Dexter’s now-teenage son, Harrison?), and Dexter…

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tv’s biggest flop ever

Well, that was (fittingly) brief. Quibi, the streaming service that launched in April with shows presented in 10-minute-or-less installments, is shutting down December 1. Investors pumped $1.7 billion into the bomb, which costs $5–$8 per month and is available only on mobile devices. Talent like Kiefer Sutherland and Chrissy Teigen signed on, but keeping Quibi going would mean spending more “without any value to show for it,” founder Jeffrey Katzenberg told Deadline, laying part of the blame on the pandemic. “Everything about Quibi was designed to be on the go…at a moment in time [in] which no one was on the go.” The few who did subscribe can take heart: Quibi’s library is for sale. Hear that, Netflix?…

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where in the world is charlie brown?

IF YOU MISSED the Great Pumpkin’s rise on Halloween, you and Linus are not alone. For the first time in more than 50 years, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown did not air on broadcast network TV. In mid-October, Apple TV+ announced an exclusive deal with Peanuts Worldwide, Lee Mendelson Film Productions and WildBrain Studios to become the home of all things Peanuts. This had some Snoopy addicts howling mad, but the new arrangement is better than a valentine from the little redheaded girl, says WildBrain CEO and vice chair Eric Ellenbogen. “There’s been some confusion, which we understand is about a love for Peanuts and a cherished family viewing tradition,” he acknowledges, adding that the move gives fans around the world the chance to watch. Plus, all the holiday specials…

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series scoop

NEW GIGS The Good Place’s Kristen Bell (right) will star in and exec produce Netflix’s eight-episode limited series The Woman in the House. In the comic thriller, her character watches her neighbor from the window and witnesses something suspicious. Maura Tierney will recur as a prosecutor on Showtime’s Your Honor, starring Bryan Cranston. The drama premieres December 6. Thomas Haden Church signed on to the Fox comedy The Texanist, playing an Austin-based radio show host. COMING SOON On Bravo next year: Top Chef Amateurs, with home cooks competing in popular challenges from the original series.…