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TV Guide Magazine November 23, 2020

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america’s top tv critic matt roush answers your burning questions

My wife and I were in the middle of watching the great Netflix series Away when it was announced there would be no second season. To say we were bummed is an understatement. Can you tell me if there is any chance for another season, or even a movie to get the astronauts back to Earth after their mission to Mars? —Shel MATT ROUSH: There is precedent (Sense8) for Netflix to go back to a canceled property and film a proper end to provide closure. Many are hoping GLOW will also get that chance, and perhaps if enough Away fans give the streamer feedback that they desire an end to the out-of-this-world story, another miracle could happen. I wouldn’t count on it, but stranger things (not to be confused with the…

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alex trebek (1940–2020)

LET'S START WITH the answer: the traits Alex Trebek displayed during his fight with pancreatic cancer. What are courage, grace, humility and optimism? For 36 years, millions of Jeopardy! fans played along with the genial, dapper host, who died peacefully November 8 at his home with Jean, his wife of 30 years, and family at his side. Even though the news was long expected, his passing is a shock, leaving a void in our daily TV routine. A genuine broadcaster who was a constant and reassuring presence in so many lives, Trebek will forever be identified with one of TV’s smartest shows ever, a comforting oasis of intelligence and quick thinking presided over by a man with the air of a gentleman scholar. Not that the self-effacing Trebek ever considered himself the star of…

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best jeopardy! moments

1984 ALEX’S INAUGURAL EPISODE After hosting 11 previous game shows, on September 10, 1984, Trebek stepped onto the set he would command into the next century. “In the nearly 50 years since I arrived in the United States,” the Canadian told ABC News in 2019, “I’ve been gainfully employed for all of that time except maybe six months.… That’s a pretty good record.” FIRST CELEBRITY JEOPARDY! 1992 The inspiration for Saturday Night Live’s long-running spoof began when Trebek welcomed Carol Burnett (below), Knots Landing’s Donna Mills and Regis Philbin for the star-studded charity tournament. Future players would include Jodie Foster, David Duchovny and Stephen King. During 2009’s Celebrity tournament, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer played so poorly against Andy Richter and Dana Delany that he found himself $4,600 in the red. Trebek slipped him some pity cash…

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game show host, primetime star

THE GOLDEN GIRLS Jeopardy! holds tryouts in Miami, so brainy Dorothy (Bea Arthur) auditions. Her dream of making it on turns into a literal nightmare when she falls asleep and imagines she loses to dim roommate Rose (Betty White, second from right, with Arthur, David Leisure, Merv Griffin and Trebek) in this 1992 episode. Stream on Hulu THE SIMPSONS Trebek lent his voice to the animated hit twice. His 1997 plotline: Marge (Julie Kavner) hopes to win big on Jeopardy! but ends up owing money. Stream on Disney+ THE X-FILES Trebek appeared in one of the sci-fi drama’s funnier episodes, from 1996, playing a Man in Black who resembles…Alex Trebek. Stream on Hulu ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK In a 2018 episode, prison inmate “Crazy Eyes” (Uzo Aduba) imagines Alex appears and says things like, “Bacon comes…

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the crown

Available now, Netflix THE ROYAL FAMILY spirals further into dysfunction, 1980s-style, during the richest season to date of this juicy drama about life among the Windsors. I kept picturing Harry and Meghan watching with relief that they’d escaped this hornet’s nest while they could. “What does one have to do to get some kindness in this family?” squawks frustrated Prince Charles (a stooped-with-angst Josh O’Connor) when he can’t find a sympathetic ear after his latest domestic row. He’s one to talk. His young wife, Diana (played with a cunning mixture of shyness and slyness by Emma Corrin), is universally adored everywhere but inside the palace, where her popularity is a source of unamused resentment. So much for fairy tales. But creator Peter Morgan has never bought into the fantasy of royal life in…

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black narcissus

Monday, Nov. 23, 8/7c, FX THE AIR MAY be thin, but deadly sins of pride, envy and lust create an atmosphere thick with danger and sensual intrigue in an exotic piece of Himalayan Gothic. Rumer Godden’s provocative 1939 novel inspired an ahead-of-its-time 1947 movie starring Deborah Kerr, and now this lush three-hour adaptation (airing in one night). It’s the story of nuns who trek high into the mountains to open a school in an abandoned palace that was once a notorious den of ill repute. Maybe it’s the setting, or the high altitude, or possibly the habit-forming presence of rakishly irreverent estate agent Mr. Dean (the swarthy Alessandro Nivola), but repressed memories and desires soon begin to stir among the good sisters. This is especially true of Sister Clodagh (Gemma Arterton), the…