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TV Guide Magazine December 7, 2020

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SAD GOODBYE Thank you for your extended six-page coverage of our American treasure, the much loved and legendary Alex Trebek [November 23 issue]. He will be forever missed by the viewers who have appreciated his steadfast gentlemanly demeanor and celebrated hosting abilities for over 36 years. Still being able to see him greet us nightly on Jeopardy! until [January 8] is both bittersweet and a bit heartbreaking. —Doris BAH, HUMBUG I can’t believe you forgot to list George C. Scott [“Pick a Scrooge,” November 23]—the best ever! —Christine CARRY ON Thank you for your eight-page cover story commemorating the 15-season run of Supernatural [November 9 issue]. It may never have broken into the Top 25 shows of the week, but devoted fans made up for that in enthusiasm. For us, this issue…

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ask matt

@TVGMMattRoush As with many Ryan Phillippe fans, I am totally shocked that his character, Cody, was killed off on the premiere episode of ABC’s Big Sky. He is the reason I was attracted to the show, and I’m not sure if I will continue watching. I’m also curious how the ratings will go as the season progresses. This could go well for ABC or be a total bomb. What are your thoughts? —Melinda MATT ROUSH: Ratings aside, shock was the point of this brutal twist, and it comes straight from the source material (C.J. Box’s The Highway). It reminded me of how people must have felt the first time watching Janet Leigh meet her fate in the shower midway through Psycho. Big Sky now rests on its female leads (Katheryn Winnick as…

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supernatural: the finale’s best moments

Tears. Death. And pie. The world saving Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, above), experienced all three—and their final hunt—in the rewarding November 19 series finale of The CW’s Supernatural. In October, exec producer Andrew Dabb told TV GUIDE MAGAZINE he hoped for a sense of “closure, family and contentment.” Mission accomplished! We recount five standout (and, if you missed it, spoiler-y!) moments from the bittersweet ender. Time for a dessert break Following a charming getting-ready montage showing the two making breakfast, doing laundry and tidying their rooms, Sam and Dean arrive at Ohio’s 43rd Annual Akron Pie Fest. “It’s just so beautiful,” says a teary eyed Dean, fetching six slices. This sweet moment is capped off by Sam slamming a cream pie into his big bro’s…

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america’s most watched 25 top shows

Watched Live 1 Sunday Night Football: Ravens vs. Patriots NBC 15.8 2 60 Minutes CBS 12.4 3 Thursday Night Football: Colts vs. Titans Fox 12.2 4 Monday Night Football: Patriots vs. Jets ESPN 9.8 5 Chicago Med NBC 7.8 6 The Voice (Tuesday) NBC 7.6 7 Young Sheldon CBS 7.4 8 The Voice (Monday) NBC 7.3 9 Chicago Fire NBC 7.2 10 The 54th Annual CMA Awards ABC 7.1 The yearly country music event, hosted by Reba McEntire and Darius Rucker, dropped 4.2 million viewers from last year (11.3 million) and hit an all-time low. 11 This Is Us NBC 6.8 12 Station 19 ABC 6.6 13 Chicago P.D. NBC 6.4 14 NCIS: Los Angeles CBS 6.1 The Masked Singer Fox 6.1 16 Dancing With the Stars ABC 6.0 17 Grey’s Anatomy ABC 5.9 18The Bachelorette ABC 5 .3 Viewers swiped right on the first episode chronicling new Bachelorette Tayshia…

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healthy for the holidays

Phone a friend. Reaching out to say hello and check in on friends, old and new, is the perfect way to brighten someone's Day. And if you haven't talked in months, or even a year or two? Even better. Taking the first step to reach out and spread some holiday cheer means a lot. Stick to a schedule. Since more activities are taking place from home, it's easy to become lax about mealtimes, chores, and that endless holiday to-do list. Carving out a specific time-for watching your favorite show, catching up on emails, and even sneaking in a treat or two - helps you make the most out of every day. Give the gift of movement. Stressing out over what to get as a last-minute gift? Cubii's compact seated ellipticals are a fun, easy way…

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tom bergeron and life after dancing

When Tom Bergeron was fired last summer from ABC’s Dancing With the Stars—he’d hosted the popular show since its 2005 premiere—fans were shocked. As was he: Bergeron tells TV GUIDE MAGAZINE in his first interview since exiting the ballroom, “I always thought Dancing would be where I end my hosting tenure,” though he thought it would be on his terms. He was replaced by Tyra Banks; viewers have criticized the former model for not being as polished as Bergeron and campaigned for his return. The unflappable Emmy winner, 65—who began his career on New Hampshire radio, hosted FX’s Breakfast Time (1994–96) and ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos (2001–15) and performed as Taco on The Masked Singer last winter—addresses his future with Dancing and shares what’s left on his bucket list. How…