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PRODIGAL DAUGHTER? The February 2 episode of Fox’s Prodigal Son just finished, and the family has to protect Ainsley [Halston Sage]! This episode is the first one I remember getting serious goose bumps from. I’m loving this show! —Cindy HIGH POINT Blue Bloods’ “The New Normal” [February 5, where Danny faces pressure at work for not shooting a perp] was the best episode ever. It was something we all should watch during these trying times. —Barbara SPOKEN TRUTH Cheers to NBC’s This Is Us for the best father-son conversation I’ve seen on a TV drama in a long time [February 9 episode]. The message that the cycle of bad parenting can be broken is a powerful one. —Sharon BIG SQUEEZE A huge jeer to Discovery+ for kidnapping Dr. Pimple Popper! It’s one thing to…

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ask matt

@TVGMMattRoush I don’t understand why people are infatuated with remakes and reboots. Case in point: The CW’s Walker. I loved the first episodes, but I never watched Walker, Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris, so I had no expectations. For people to dismiss the new show simply because it is not an extension of a show from long ago seems pointless. Have the creativity juices stopped flowing in TV land? And with the desire to chase younger viewers, why are the networks bringing back shows remembered only by the older demographic? —EC MATT ROUSH: My mailbag is divided between those who enjoy the new, more emotional Walker, played by Supernatural alum Jared Padalecki, and those who yearn for the action figure embodied by Norris. Mike wrote in to suggest that they should “simply…

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25 top shows

First Look Set in 1960s Melbourne, Acorn TV’s fun, fizzy Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries hits new heights—or is that new altitudes?—in its second season, premiering this spring. Aussie amateur detective Peregrine Fisher (Geraldine Hakewill, near right, with Diana Glenn) goes undercover to investigate the death of an air hostess trainee, but, says exec producer Deb Cox, “Faking it till she makes it is never daunting for [her]!” Bonus: The uniform is inspired by designer Jean Louis’ modish creations for United Airlines in that era. —April P. Bernard The Show We’re Talking About in the Office “Are you famous?” a boy asks FBI agent Clarice Starling (Rebecca Breeds, below) in Episode 2 of Clarice (Thursdays, 10/9c, CBS). Is she ever! And her legend is likely to grow in this shiver-inducing cut-above-the-typical TV procedural.…

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lower your cable bill

Being a couch potato shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, yet every year, it seems that our cable bills are getting thicker and thicker. Whether it’s a pricey premium package that comes with 13 different HBO feeds or the hidden fees for high-def everything, there’s always something adding to the monthly expense. Here is a quartet of tips for getting your bill under control, so you can binge Property Brothers in financial peace. Trade in Your DVR So much is available on demand now that the necessity for recording anything new is minimal. You just need to remember which Better Call Saul episode you left off on and catch it on demand before it expires. Returning your digital video recorder (DVR) could shave off as much as $13 a month in…

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for all mankind

@TVGMMattRoush Fridays, Apple TV+ JOHN LENNON LIVED. Prince Charles never married Di. And the space race pitting the U.S. against the Soviet Union extended well into the Reagan 1980s. In the what-if world of For All Mankind, a speculative and only occasionally exciting drama of exploration and conflict, most of the characters yearn to return to space. So do we. The series’ 10-year time jump in the second season results in former astronauts riding desks instead of rockets, and the plot creaks with agonizing sluggishness over 10 very long episodes to propel these men—and, admirably, women—back into action. Apple is wise to roll out the episodes weekly, because the deliberate pace doesn’t encourage a binge. But try not to scrub out as Mankind evolves into a NASA version of The West Wing, with scientists…

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out of this world

Debris SERIES PREMIERE Monday, March 1, 10/9c, NBC Not since Chicken Little has the sky falling caused such a stir. But in NBC’s instantly addictive new scifi thriller Debris, the search for the remnants of a destroyed spaceship that have begun raining down across the globe doesn’t actually herald a doomsday scenario. In fact, the mysterious wreckage—and its hidden powers—may be the key to mankind’s redemption. “People today are a little bit lost. They’ve lost faith in things, and it is hard times,” says creator J.H. “Joel” Wyman, who previously explored the outer limits with Fox’s alt-universe drama Fringe. “Now more than ever it’s important to [show] people there is something larger [than us], to bring back wonder and the concept that maybe there’s something out there we don’t know. I want people to…