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WEEKLY FIX! I watched the February 12 episode of my favorite show, CBS’s MacGyver, and was beyond pleased to see guest star Robert Patrick, from my old fave Scorpion. This show has it all. Hoping he’ll be back and that the show will keep getting better and better. —BJ REAL WORLD I was very impressed with the way Darlene described panic attacks on the February 24 episode of ABC’s The Conners. Having suffered from them myself in the past, I thought she said it perfectly, especially thinking she was having a heart attack! —Terri LED ASTRAY Jeers to Discovery+. I signed up because they advertised having Lifetime and HGTV series, but they were two seasons behind on Married at First Sight and missing half of my HGTV shows. I was in and…

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ask matt

@TVGMMattRoush I’m not ready to say goodbye to those fabulous funny ladies on CBS’s Mom! Even with Anna Faris no longer around, the show has remained relevant, moving and funny. Allison Janney and William Fichtner make such a great couple, and bringing on Kristen Johnston as Tammy just made one of TV’s great ensemble casts even better. Is there any chance for a last-minute reprieve? —Brenda MATT ROUSH: I’ll miss this too, and while I appreciate the bittersweet irony of Mom signing off just days before Mother’s Day, this feels like an inevitable conclusion to a successful run. The show was coming to the end of a two-season renewal, and losing one of its core characters (Faris, aka Christy, exited before the season began) means there were likely creative as well as…

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25 top shows

Smart Watch If you have a half hour, watch this sitcom The Unicorn is a comedy for grown-ups. Walton Goggins plays a widower navigating the dating world while raising his two girls. See page 23 for more on the Season 2 finale. Thursday, March 18, 9:30/8:30c, CBS If you have an hour, start this adventure Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) joins host Josh Gates for Expedition: Back to the Future to track down all seven DeLorean Time Machines built for the classic sci-fi comedy. Monday, March 15, Discovery+ If you have a free evening, watch this movie Nomadland just won the Golden Globe for Best Drama. Frances McDormand plays an unemployed factory worker who hits the road in a custom van while looking for work. Gorgeously shot, poignant and, sadly, very timely. Hulu If you have a free…

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family room

Top Picks MOVIE Tom & Jerry (Available now, HBO Max) This live-action/CGI mashup featuring the iconic cat-and-mouse duo (above) is available until March 28. Chloë Grace Moretz stars as a wedding planner determined to pull off the perfect event while the animated frenemies wreak havoc in a high-class New York hotel. Everyone REALITY Holmes Family Effect (Tuesdays, March 16 and 23, 8/7c, Fox) This two-night inspirational family affair stars pro contractor Mike Holmes alongside his adult daughter Sherry and son Michael (above). The trio transform community spaces—like long-neglected school buildings and a youth center—into something beautiful. Everyone COMEDY Kenan (Tuesdays, 8:30/7:30c, NBC) Both heartfelt and silly, Kenan stars longtime Saturday Night Live funnyman Kenan Thompson as a widowed father raising two young girls. In March 16’s nuts episode, Kenan believes he is talking to a squirrel…

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the roush review

@TVGMMattRoush Genius: Aretha LIMITED SERIES PREMIERE Sunday–Wednesday, March 21–24, 9/8c, National Geographic WHEN ARETHA FRANKLIN sings, Genius soars. Much credit goes to the brilliant casting of Cynthia Erivo, the Tony-Grammy-Emmy winning star of The Color Purple (Broadway’s 2015–17 revival). As the iconic Queen of Soul, who passed away in 2018, Erivo sustains a quiet strength in dramatic scenes that erupts into passionate fire when she’s onstage or in the recording studio, taking control of every detail. “Our groove is urgent,” she advises her fellow musicians, and the best parts of the anthology’s third season depict Franklin’s journey to superstardom as she finds her sweet spot at the intersection of gospel, soul and pop. When she connects with the producer who can take her to the next level, Atlantic’s nurturing Jerry Wexler (an appealing David Cross), she…

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tv’s true crime craze!

True crime fan Elizabeth Vargas has found her dream job: hosting America’s Most Wanted, Fox’s reboot of the venerable fugitive-hunting show. The Emmy-winning journalist has been fascinated with the genre since she began covering malfeasance decades ago on two now-legendary newsmagazines. “I still watch 20/20 and Dateline, which do an amazing job,” she declares. “There’s a bottomless appetite for true crime,” Vargas adds. Netflix’s new Unsolved Mysteries and “a lot” of documentaries populate her own viewing list, and even her 18-year-old son is asking whether she’s seen another Netflix genre series, Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer. What’s the appeal? “It goes to our deepest fears that these things happen, while engaging our appetite for mysteries—the whodunit. It’s a human need to want justice.” Justice for a multitude of victims…