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DOCTOR APPRECIATION New Amsterdam on NBC is by far the best medical drama on television since ER. The network’s Chicago Med is just not on the same level. The diversity of the cast is excellent as well. —Gloria FORGOTTEN START The pop culture documentary series on E! For Real: The Story of Reality TV was disappointingly incomplete—it omitted the beginning of that story. It failed to include what is generally acknowledged to be the first reality series on U.S. television: An American Family. That 12-episode PBS documentary appeared in 1973, decades before later popular reality shows. It was arguably more engrossing and authentic than subsequent so-called reality programs, which seem artificial, silly and bland in comparison. —Mike ADDITIONAL DEPTH Cheers to the origin stories on Fox’s 9-1-1. It’s great to watch and…

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@TVGMMattRoush I keep seeing negative comments about the guest hosts on Jeopardy! [Aaron Rodgers, above, was the most recent.] But this forgets a basic fact. They are being compared to an Alex Trebek who had 36 years to grow on the job. When he started in 1984, he had hosted a few relatively unsuccessful game shows, and to the press and public at the time, the consensus was, “He isn’t Art Fleming!” So let’s lighten up on the guest hosts—one of them very well may be the next Alex, but we won’t know until they’ve been on the job for several years. —Rick MATT ROUSH: Score one for institutional memory and for keeping an open mind. With very few exceptions, I don’t see these guest stints as job auditions. And while I…

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NCIS: NEW ORLEANS In TV GUIDE MAGAZINE’s May 10 issue, we raise a glass to NCIS’s NOLA entry, which ends its seven-season run on CBS with the wedding of Rita Devereaux and Dwayne Pride (real-life spouses Chelsea Field and Scott Bakula, left). It’ll be a bons temps! TV GUIDE MAGAZINE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Call 800-866-1400. Or write: TV Guide Customer Service, P.O. Box 37360, Boone, IA 50037-0360. ADVERTISING RATES: PRESS INQUIRIES: REPRINTS & PERMISSIONS: For information on reprints, e-prints or other licensing requests, please contact CAROL KAELSON/© 2021 QUADRA PRODUCTIONS INC., PHOTOGRAPHER CAROL KAELSON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED; PATRICK WYMORE/CBS; SAM LOTHRIDGE/CBS…

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Smart Watch If you have a half hour, watch this comedy A sitcom with Tina Fey (30 Rock) as an exec producer? Count us in 4 Girls5eva, about a vintage all-female pop group coming back—and leaving their old Spice-y sound behind. Sara Bareilles (Little Voice) costars. May 6, Peacock If you have an hour, watch this action drama The Kung Fu reboot’s highflying slo-mo action is cooler than the 1970s original’s. A Shaolin grad (Olivia Liang) comes home to battle San Francisco criminals—and find her mentor’s killer. Wednesdays, 8/7c, The CW If you have a free evening, watch this movie Director Christopher Nolan makes masterful space- and time-bending thrillers. In his latest, Tenet, a secret agent (John David Washington) must prevent an apocalyptic attack coming from the future. May 1, 8/7c, HBO If you have a free…

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the mosquito coast

@TVGMMattRoush SERIES PREMIERE Friday, April 30, Apple TV+ IN MORE WAYS than one, the latest version of The Mosquito Coast is a family affair. Loosely based on Paul Theroux’s 1981 novel, the seven-part season stars the author’s nephew Justin Theroux (The Leftovers) as obsessive inventor and societal dissident Allie Fox, who whisks his family into a rabbit hole of peril. It’s a challenging role, previously played by Harrison Ford in a more faithful 1986 Peter Weir film costarring Helen Mirren and River Phoenix. Allie and wife Margot (the sultry Melissa George) will never win parents-of-the-year awards as they drag their teenage kids, Dina (Logan Polish) and Charlie (Gabriel Bateman), on a harrowing and surreal odyssey across the border to Mexico. They’re fleeing the U.S. government for reasons not immediately apparent, a plot point that…

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sister act

WHEN IT COMES to TV sisterhood, Supergirl’s Kara and Alex Danvers—played affectionately by Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh—fly a little higher than the rest. Whether fighting side by side or drinking wine on Kara’s cozy couch, these two women are the heart of the CW hit. Now the action drama is kicking off a two-parter that explores the roots of their bond even more. In “Prom Night” on April 27 and “Prom Again!” on May 4 (the second half was directed by Leigh), heroic Nia Nal/Dreamer (Nicole Maines) and the data-crunching Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath) travel back in time to prom circa 2009. Their plan? To see if the teenage Danvers siblings (Izabela Vidovic as young Kara; Olivia Nikkanen as young Alex) hold the key to locating present-day Kara—aka National City’s savior…