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TV Guide Magazine tells you what’s worth watching. With its unparalleled access and authority, it's the only publication devoted exclusively to television. It includes celebrity interviews, in-depth previews, sneak peeks and authoritative reviews from critic Matt Roush.

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HERO VIBES I was so excited to see your article on Derrick Campana and his traveling pet prosthetic trailer [The Wizard of Paws, “What’s Worth Watching,” April 26 issue, page 15]. We met Campana seven years ago when we had an 8-week-old puppy who was born without a paw. He has made her prosthetics ever since. He is truly a warm, caring and loving individual, and the animal kingdom is lucky to have him. —Cathy DETECTING GREATNESS HBO has a winner with Mare of Easttown! I felt like I was with Mare [played by Kate Winslet] through the whole show. Real family, real people, real situations. Looking forward to more. —Carol HI-YEAH! I am from the generation of the original Kung Fu starring David Carradine—I never missed an episode—and I think this…

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ask matt

@TVGMMattRoush Watching the new Law & Order: Organized Crime spinoff, I was more thrilled by the opening credits than the show itself. While watching this glum revenge story, I kept thinking, why isn’t Christopher Meloni back on Law & Order: SVU? The fans have been obsessed with this idea for a decade, so why not honor the loyalists? Adding SVU star Mariska Hargitay in a guest arc just adds to the tease. Reuniting them could add another decade to the never-ending mothership. —Liam MATT ROUSH: Maybe so, but neither the star nor exec producer Dick Wolf was interested in repeating themselves. In our cover story interview with Meloni (“Stabler’s Law,” March 29), he said what drew him back to the Law & Order world was “the idea of a recognizable character in…

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25 top shows

Smart Watch If you have a half hour, watch this sitcom Fantasy-prone Duncan (Amy Poehler) and the fam go on vacation as Duncanville returns. But the real trip? A Parks and Rec reunion. Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza, Retta and Nick Offerman join the toon fun. May 23, 8:30/7:30c, Fox If you have an hour, start this adventure “I’m the one you call when you can’t call 911,” says Queen Latifah’s ex-CIA agent/working mom in The Equalizer (season finale May 23). This reboot of an ’80s thriller delivers action, drama and humor. Sundays, 8/7c, CBS If you have a free evening, watch this movie Mad Men fans may get an extra thrill watching Kiernan Shipka in The Blackcoat’s Daughter, a supernatural chiller written and directed by Oz Perkins (son of Psycho star Anthony Perkins). May 19, 8:15/7:15c,…

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pick a streaming device

A streaming device is your living room’s secret weapon. Plug in any of these sticks to your television—you just need an HDMI port and Wi-Fi—and it’ll immediately give you many more choices for what to watch and crisper sound and picture, all for a relatively nice price. But which product makes sense for your needs? We outline our top four options below. The Best Got Better We love the Roku Streaming Stick+ because it keeps building on the company’s solid reputation for quality. It’s affordable ($50) and offers entrée to Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max and many more apps. Its voice control capability could be better, but its 4K HDR compatibility (most TVs nowadays are 4K) puts picture first, and this stick has been made to last. Top Voice Command Why is great voice control…

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the roush review

@TVGMMattRoush Debris There’s value, and mystery, in all of that alien junk falling from space Mondays, 10/9c, NBC I CAN’T WAIT to see how each episode of Debris will begin. The endings are another story, but oh, how those opening teasers tantalize. Everyday metal objects skitter down streets in an evacuated Pennsylvania town. A shimmering square suddenly materializes in an Ohio field, a window into another dimension with frightened people trapped on the other side. A torrential rainstorm alters the atmosphere in a Nebraska cornfield. All of these eerie phenomena are fallout from a ruined alien spacecraft that for months has been shedding supercharged chunks of otherworldly tech all over our fair land. What once might have been a job for The X-Files’ iconic partnership of Mulder and Scully is now all in a day’s…

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pride & joy

NCIS: New Orleans SERIES FINALE Sunday, May 23, 10/9c, CBS It was a leap of faith,” Scott Bakula says of heading to the Big Easy with wife Chelsea Field last fall. They were going to shoot an NCIS: New Orleans storyline we’d all been waiting for: the romantic reunion of Special Agent Dwayne Pride and his Washington, D.C.–based lawyer girlfriend, Rita Devereaux—who decides to move in. The start of production had been delayed due to the raging COVID pandemic, the city was mostly shuttered, and the actors worried an outbreak on set could halt filming. It never crossed their minds that Season 7 would be the crime procedural’s last. News of the cancellation came while shooting Episode 13 in February. “It was painful,” says Jan Nash, who executive produces the CBS series with Christopher…