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tuesday, june 15

Revolution Rent DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE 9/8c, HBO A quarter century after it first rocked the theater world, Rent continues to make waves wherever it goes. That was especially true in 2014–15, when the late Jonathan Larson’s exuberantly edgy musical homage to La Bohème was produced in Cuba, the first Broadway show to be staged there by a in more than 50 years. A bold choice, considering the show’s inclusive celebration of gay characters was being presented in a Communist country that once persecuted homosexuals during Castro’s revolution. The poignant and personal documentary Revolution Rent is the backstage story of that production—and of its director, Andy Señor Jr., who played the role of Angel on Broadway in the 1990s and is the son of Cuban exiles. Returning to his ancestral homeland, Señor (above right)…

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monday, june 14

The Republic of Sarah SERIES PREMIERE 9/8c, The CW The sleepy New England town of Greylock, awash in autumn rain and color, wants to become its own country to stop a soul-sucking mining corporation from bulldozing it. The premise for this new underdog drama admittedly requires some suspension of disbelief. But give it an hour, and you’ll see the show’s real message shines through: Individual people do matter, and those in power should fight for them. Rebellious local history teacher Sarah Cooper (Stella Baker, below), who is as popular in quirky Greylock as Lorelai Gilmore is in Stars Hollow, leads the charge against Lydon Industries’ efforts. While her uphill battle fuels the premiere, the rest of the series takes place after she’s successful, as Sarah learns what it takes to actually lead a…

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monday, june 7

Inside Hampton Court Palace SERIES PREMIERE 8/7c, Smithsonian Channel The two-part Inside Hampton Court Palace—about Henry VIII’s staggeringly grand home in outer London—was probably intended to lure visitors. So why is it I want to work there? I’d lend my farsightedness to the wildlife officer, seen “havin’ a drive ’round” looking for the historic herd of 300 fallow deer. Like one warder, I’d gleefully point out the entwined “H” and “A” in the woodwork of the Great Hall, missed by carpenters obliterating any trace of Anne Boleyn after her beheading. I’d pitch in with the gardeners trimming the hedge maze. My CV is ready. Ring me! Kajillionaire 7:10/6:10c, HBO A family of sullen petty grifters (Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger and, far right, Evan Rachel Wood) hit pay dirt via a better class of jobs after…

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out of this world

War of the Worlds Intruder alert: Season 2 of the modern take on H.G. Wells picks up with Emily (Daisy Edgar-Jones) inside the aliens’ ship, after discovering she’s connected to the humanoids that took over Earth. “The deeper Emily’s bond with the aliens becomes, the harder it will be for her family to protect her,” says executive producer Howard Overman. That is, if they even want to. —Emily Aslanian Sunday, June 6, 9/8c, Epix Roswell, New Mexico Nathan Dean Parsons pulls double duty in Season 3 as hero alien Max and Mr. Jones, the mysterious stowaway from the 1947 UFO crash. While Jones reveals Max’s origin story, biomedical engineer Liz (Jeanine Mason) starts anew in Cali. “Cutting-edge science, a lab partner with abs as great as his mind and an ocean view are a…

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sweet tooth

Amid a global pandemic that is decimating humankind, a new form of life emerges when women mysteriously begin giving birth to babies with animalistic features. Years into this new world, Gus (Christian Convery)—one of the first hybrids born and now a preteen—is living in seclusion with his father (Saturday Night Live vet Will Forte), far from the menacing humans who see him as a threat. The magical eight-episode series is an adaptation of writer and artist Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed Sweet Tooth graphic novels, executive produced by Robert Downey Jr., with showrunners Jim Mickle (Hap and Leonard) and Beth Schwartz (Arrow). “We wanted a fresh look for the end of the world and fell in love with this idea of a storybook dystopia,” Mickle says. “What if things fell apart and…

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ask matt

@TVGMMattRoush I’m extremely saddened to hear that Fox has canceled Prodigal Son, one of TV’s most original programs in years. The storyline is suspenseful and entertaining, and the actors are incredible. Is there any chance it might be picked up by a smarter network? I think on the right network, in a better timeslot, it could be a Top 10 show. Some folks might not get it, but they’d love it if they watched a few episodes. —Lisa MATT ROUSH: This dark and gloriously twisted thriller was one of my favorites, and I wasn’t surprised when my mailbag was flooded with upset fans’ laments. It’s not unheard of for canceled shows to get a second life, though it is rare. And there are reports that the studio is shopping the show to…