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ACROSS 1 The Magic School ____ 4 Ungentlemanly guy 7 Partially melted snow 12 Picnic invader 13 Boxer Muhammad 14 The ____ Chase 15 Family Reunion star Mowry 16 2021 miniseries It’s a ____ 17 Openly declares 18 Newhart setting (2 wds.) 21 Shingle 22 Craving 23 Judy of Laugh-In 25 The Winds of ____ 26 Avenue 5 star Josh 29 “Yeah, sure” (2 wds.) 30 Dancing With the Stars judge Goodman 31 Mr. Bill’s catchphrase (2 wds.) 32 Funny You Should ____ 33 Host Deeley 34 Make reparations 35 Shade tree 36 The A in A&E Network 37 Schitt’s Creek setting (2 wds.) 42 Pasta al ____ 43 PBS-funding group (abbr.) 44 Put down 45 Poker payments 46 Roseanne’s TV husband 47 Killing ____ 48 Large mammal on Northern Exposure 49 This ____ House 50 ____, Dear DOWN 1 Cave mammals 2 Law & Order: Special Victims ____ 3 Show with Vulcans (2 wds.) 4 Nathan Fillion series 5 Get ____ (2 wds.) 6 Bedrock pet 7 The Blacklist star 8 Linda…

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monday, june 28

Wimbledon 6am/5c, ESPN Editors’ Choice After last year’s cancellation, England’s prestigious grass-court tennis tournament returns with stands filled to at least 25 percent capacity and a roster stacked with star athletes. “We need and want to see all the best playerstogether,” says ESPN commentator Patrick McEnroe. “I’m expecting Wimbledon to be loaded.” In the men’s singles, McEnroe concedes the “heavy favorite” is five-time champ Novak Djokovic (above), who beat eight-time winner Roger Federer in a thrilling five-set match in 2019. If Federer is fit after two recent knee surgeries, he’ll top the list of threats, with the indomitable Rafael Nadal, Greek phenom Stefanos Tsitsipas and Australia’s “dangerous” Nick Kyrgios also in the hunt. The ladies’ singles is more unpredictable with the possible absences of Naomi Osaka and injured titleholder Simona Halep. Seven-time champ Serena Williams…

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what’s worth watching week 1

PICK OF THE WEEK! Clarice SEASON FINALE Thursday, June 24, 10/9c, CBS FBI AGENT CLARICE Starling (the outstanding Rebecca Breeds), who voluntarily turned in her badge and gun last week after an outburst of anger, has won us over with her bravery, grit and willingness to confront her painful past. In tonight’s suspenseful closer, she calls on all her courage when she’s held captive and battles to free herself and a group of trafficked women from an abandoned animal testing facility. “She doesn’t have a badge. She doesn’t have a gun. She’s completely vulnerable,” says Breeds (above). “We get to see that survival spirit, that neversay-die, this determination to not let the bad guys win.” The women have been locked up at the behest of the twisted, misogynistic owner of Alastor Pharmaceuticals, Nils Hagen…

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You might as well have a front row seat—at home on the sofa—for some great musicfilled series and specials. Grammy winner Ariana Grande joins Season 21 of The Voice (NBC), asking contestants to say “Thank you, next” to veteran coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton. Airing after The Masked Singer, new competition series Alter Ego (Fox) ups the wacky by asking vocalists to perform as their “dream avatar.” In the heartwarming dramedy The Big Leap (Fox), Scott Foley stars as the producer of a dance reality show who casts a group of underdogs (played by Teri Polo and Piper Perabo, among others), all hoping for a chance at a better life, to star in a reimagined production of Swan Lake. Acclaimed artists Eve and Brandy lead Queens (ABC),…

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on the move

SEAL Team’s fifth season gets underway this fall at longtime home CBS, but after four episodes, master chief Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) and his stalwart Bravo Team deploy to the streaming service Para mount+. “We’ll be able to take our show to a deeper, darker place,” says Boreanaz of the military drama, which will continue to shed light on such issues as PTSD and brain trauma. “You can be more creative and [potentially add] 18 minutes of show time,” he adds. “I’m looking forward to [exploring] where Jason stands with his children and as a leader, becoming that true Jedi—wiser and better emotionally and physically.”…

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the fright stuff

What’s scarier than people simply vanishing? How about when those people suddenly reappear? You’ll get goosebumps from both scenarios with the new season’s dramas. On La Brea (NBC), starring Natalie Zea (The Detour), a massive sinkhole opens up in Los Angeles, and hundreds tumble in, landing in a dangerous primeval world. In the tragedy, a mother and her son are separated from her husband and daughter. Before they can even think about getting back together, they all have to survive! The CW explores the other side of that good question in 4400, a reboot of the 2004–07 USA drama. The title refers to the number of overlooked, undervalued people who disappeared over the course of the last century; in one day, they return, no older and with no memory of…