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White HorsesWhite Horses

White Horses

Issue # 28 Autumn 2019

White Horses is an original and authentic quarterly publication about the surf, ocean, creativity and adventure, and delivers a worthy and highly acclaimed alternative to existing surf mags. If you get equally, if not more excited by the glimpse of a clean, empty beach-break peak through some foreshore trees, than you do witnessing a million air reverses on a comp webcast, then there's every chance White Horses is for you.

Aqualuna Media and Creative Pty
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Guest Editor / DesignerGra / DesignerWill ManagerRaaaahb / Company DirectorCraig / Subs / Shop SalesAnge / Print LiasonJohn & Events Co-ordinatorTamryn & NZ distributionGordon & horsesBlueMindedJack Macrae, 1 of 3, photographed by Trent Mitchell.…

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Al MackinnonAndrew SemarkAndrew ShieldBrent BielmannChris PeelDomenic MosqueiraEd SloaneGrant EllisMark OnoratiMorgan MaassenRay CollinsRodd OwenRuss OrdScott BauerShane PeelTed GrambeauTrent MitchellWill BendixWhite horsesBlueMindedJack, 2 of 3, photographed by Trent Mitchell.…

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Alain de BottonAlan WattsAlbert CamusAristotleArthur SchopenhauerAyn RandBertrand RussellBill HicksCarl SaganChristopher HitchensCormac McCarthyThe 14th Dalai LamaDr. SeussEckhart TolleEddie IzzardGenevieve LloydHomer SimpsonJohann HariJordan PetersonKarl PilkingtonKenny PowersLouis CKMalcom GladwellMarcus AureliusMartha NussbaumOliver SacksPablo PicassoPema ChödrönPeter SingerRam DassRichard DawkinsRoland BarthesRussell BrandSam HarrisSenecaSocratesSøren KierkegaardSteven PinkerThich Nhat HanhViz MagazineVoltaireYuval Noah HarariON THE COVER:Anthony Walsh, shot at Pipeline by Brent Bielmann. Come Winter, Oahu’s North Shore is packed to the gills with heroes, chargers, journeymen, supporters, tag-alongs and hangers-on. But even then, if only for an instant, the tradewinds will blow all but good ol’ Walshy out of frame.White horsesBlueMindedJack, 3 of 3, photographed by Trent Mitchell.…

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It’s an odd issue of a surf magazine where – photo captions aside – the written content has bugger-all to do with surf, surfing, surfers, waves or any of the usual stuff.Indeed, Horsies’ benevolent overlord Craig Sims was more than a little wary when the idea of “Blue Minded” was put to him, and his response to a few early PDFs of sample spreads was one of restrained alarm. Like, with no literal connection between the content and the imagery, what the actual heck are we making here?But the Horse has always tried to do things a little differently, and so here we are with “Blue Minded”. It’s an edition with nothing to say about surf, really, but a fair bit to say about existence, consciousness, religion, belief, history, the…

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blue minded

LISTSI’ve never understood the ‘things to do before you die’ idea. If I was ill, I’d be in no mood to have a swim with a dolphin.KARL PILKINGTONSOLUTIONSWe think that the point is to pass the test or overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don't really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It's just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.PEMA CHÖDRÖNHELPING PEOPLEMaybe a life of devotion doesn’t need to be robes and chanting; maybe it’s just going through life with open eyes and an open mind, looking out for chances to help people and buzz on…

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liner notes

Editor Will’s pooches Iggy (brown) and Sid (black) in awe of their master’s hole-digging efforts in the catastrophic front yardSo, how did this whacky guest-edited edition of Horsies come about you ask?Earthworks, dear reader.Specifically, earthworks gone so bad that Horsies’ unflappable editor Will Bendix stood in his front yard – a front yard littered with boulders and craters, and in the process of sliding down the hill – and knew he wouldn’t be able to do justice to issue 28.Publisher Sims had a sensible contingency plan which involved taking the material Will had collated so far and handing it over to any one of a number of professional mag wizards to take to completion.Perhaps unwisely, Simsy consulted with yours truly about this plan, and I heard myself offering to put the issue together. And…