White Horses # 31

White Horses is an original and authentic quarterly publication about the surf, ocean, creativity and adventure, and delivers a worthy and highly acclaimed alternative to existing surf mags. If you get equally, if not more excited by the glimpse of a clean, empty beach-break peak through some foreshore trees, than you do witnessing a million air reverses on a comp webcast, then there's every chance White Horses is for you.

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in the balance

The uncomfortably small canoe was barely wider than my hips. We’d been hunched over for several hours with our knees almost up around our ears. Every lurch from a tug on the rudder or shove from a passing log threatened to knock us into the drink and my stomach muscles were tired from constantly shifting my weight around in an attempt to find some balance. I’d forgotten my waterproof bag in my hurry to pack and kept a nervous eye on the camera bags that were perched precariously up in the bow. When I managed to relax enough to look around though, I was awed by the scenery. The river snaked through dense rainforest where every shade of green pressed in around us. The jungle hung over the muddy banks in…

6 min
steadfast island

Believe it or not, I’d wanted to go to the Marshalls ever since I was a little tacker. As a kid I was more interested in looking for seashells than anything else, and it was kind of a fantasy to look at maps of the world. I remember looking at the Marshalls, out in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific. You could tell just by looking on that map that it would be an amazing wilderness. Fast-forward a few decades and when we first decided to do the Quiksilver Crossing, we had planning meetings in Sydney. I got the charts out and the Marshalls were pretty much the first place I pointed to as somewhere we had to explore. I remember putting a ‘X’ on the best surf break there. This…

4 min
the local

The best wave in the country is guarded by a notorious local. He patrols his spot with tough skin and a sly wink. The right-hander peels empty most of the year, with only frigates and sea life to witnesses its ethereal perfection. We had a week. Jake paddled the half-hour out to the reef in a frothing fizz each day. I opted for a fun little peeler closer to shore. In the downtime, our Ni-Vanuatu friends shamed us with their speed and agility at catching a feed in a net. They tagged and released turtles. We shared roasted feasts on a spread of coconut leaves. By the last day we were down to one board, the others sitting in pieces by the boat shed to be salvaged for fin plugs and filler…

5 min
the club

Shamali Sanjaya, a confident, 30-year-old mother and surfer from the small Sri Lankan town of Arugam Bay, serves as the president of the country’s first all-female surf club. She leads group meetings, organises beach cleanups and co-ordinates surf trips for the small yet growing group of 17 local women surfers. But just a few years ago, Shamali’s experience as a surfer in Arugam Bay was very different to what it is today. When Shamali learned how to surf about eight years ago, she was the only woman in the lineup. “No girls were surfing in the village at that time,” Shamali says. “My brother is the number one surfer in Sri Lanka and my father is also a good surfer. When my cousin taught me how to surf he said, ‘Shamali,…

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diana ross pass

When I think of my good friend FX and years gone by, I have to cast my mind back to the early days in Tahiti. Originally, the reason I ended up going there so often was because the Qantas flights from Sydney to Los Angeles could not make it in one jump. They had to stop in Tahiti for fuel, so getting off the flight was no big deal. You could spend as long as you wanted wandering all over Tahiti and the neighbouring islands before travelling on to LA. Back then, the airport in Papeete was a big grass shack – an impressive building more than six-metres tall, but still just a grass shack. Every flight was met with Tahitian music played by a local three-piece group, with beautiful…

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