White Horses Issue 37

White Horses is an original and authentic quarterly publication about the surf, ocean, creativity and adventure, and delivers a worthy and highly acclaimed alternative to existing surf mags. If you get equally, if not more excited by the glimpse of a clean, empty beach-break peak through some foreshore trees, than you do witnessing a million air reverses on a comp webcast, then there's every chance White Horses is for you.

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Before we got Taka, he was called “Tucker” – as in “Bush Tucker”. We decided to modify his name to “Taka”, after the character Prince Ashitaka, from one of our favorite movies, “Princess Mononoke” – an extraordinary Japanese film. Ashitaka’s role is central in the struggle between the gods of a forest and the humans who consume its resources. It’s worth a watch! The COVID lockdowns had just started and this dog popped up for free on Gumtree in Maclean, just down the road from our home in Iluka. Taka might have been collateral damage in a marriage breakup or something, and the owners just wanted to give him to a good home. He was nine months old when we picked him up. He’d never been to the beach before, but…

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a few of my favourite things (#1)

I imagine most of my possessions will outlive me. It’s a sobering thought. I’ll be burned, and chucked into the water by some young relative, then there will be all this shit sitting around for someone to deal with. Or will there? The tree behind me is a camphor laurel. They were popular a century or so ago as wind breaks on small farms. I think this one might have once filled that role. We live on the edge of a desire line, a walking passage between Pittwater and Newport Beach, once used by Indigenous people, then by visitors from Sydney who would trek over from the ferry landing to the surf beach. From the 1850s the area was farmland. The roots of this camphor laurel occasionally turn up remnants of…

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a few of my favourite things (#2)

The Red Pat Rawson board (17½” wide) behind me is one of my remaining Pipeline boards from the early 1990s. The pink board from “the snap” is in halves and on display with my black Gath helmet in Barry Kanaiaupuni’s Boardrider store at Haleiwa. The Red board is a stepped-up, more extreme version than the ’91 pink one. It was made in ’94. I hold it close and haven’t ridden it since the late ’90s. In 1985 my glasser Mike Rogers said. “You have to get a board from this guy Pat Rawson, his boards are amazing. You got to do it!” So I did and that was the beginning of a good relationship. Pat is so meticulous, a cosmic treasure. Tuned in and a great musician. I really trust his boards in…

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returned with love

Still hours ’til daylight and the carpark’s chokkas already. Vans and utes, strewn with guns, parked bumper to bumper for the length of the street and around the corner. Reaching the lineup after paddling the requisite K or so, it’s not yet light enough for seascape and landscape to distinguish themselves from each other, jet skis in the channel resemble dairy cows in a paddock. And when the escarpment before me folds over the valley beneath it, the heaviest wave I’ve seen in a long time – black, backless, and overwhelming me with awe – I struggle to comprehend what I’m watching. And when a black dot appears beneath its lip, my mind loses its ability to keep reality in check. This wave is far larger than anyone has ever come close…

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under sail

I was 19 when I got hooked on sailing. It was summertime on the North Shore and my friend, Erik Knutson, had a tiny little sailboat. My brother and I jumped in one day and we sailed from Ehukai down to Waimea. And it was just so much fun. The next week, another friend of ours was selling a similar little sailing boat – a Laser 2 – so I bought it from him and started learning on that. The Lasers are so small and lightweight, you can just push them up the beach when you’re done. From the start, there was something about the challenge of getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’, that was really engaging – it was one of those things that just clicked for me, with my own little…