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3 min.
rach’s letter

how cool are the women on our cover? And the coolest thing about them isn’t the celebrity lifestyle, the insane social media followings, or having Oprah on speed dial. What’s coolest about them is that they’re hustlers who saw a need in the world, felt an urge to fill it, and got busy. That’s true of all the women in our third annual Like a Boss feature. I love their stories of adversity and ingenuity and, eventually, success. (I also have a mad crush on Kristen Bell’s rescue dogs, Barbara, Frank, and Lola, in the photo below. Aren’t they the cutest?) They all know that a huge part of becoming a successful boss is to first be a humble worker and have gratitude for the work itself. This issue celebrates the…

4 min.
christina tosi

Cereal Milk ice cream almost didn’t exist. Ditto Compost Cookies, Crack Pie, and the other now-trademarked goodies created in the whimsical, mad-scientist mind of baking genius Christina Tosi. That’s because when she first started at Momofuku in 2005, she was a food-safety consultant, working more often with the NYC Department of Health than with a dough hook. But once the restaurant’s founder-chef David Chang got a taste of the toasted miso pies Tosi brought in for the staff, he asked her to whip up a pastry course for diners that very night. Soon she was in charge of the dessert program at all of Chang’s Momofuku restaurants, and in 2008 Tosi and Chang opened the first Milk Bar bakery, next to one of his restaurants in New York City. (Momofuku…

2 min.
camilla marcus is revolutionizing childcare for the hospitality industry

Childcare is a struggle for any working parent, and one Camilla Marcus knows all too well. As the owner of West~bourne cafe in New York City (westbourne.com), Marcus saw staffers grappling with how to secure childcare during jobs that stretch beyond the 9-to-5. A working mom herself, Marcus did good by her team and the hospitality industry: She partnered with Vivvi learning center (vivvi.co), a day care start-up, to provide employer-sponsored childcare at a lower cost and with extended hours. How did you get involved with Vivvi? A friend connected me to a city official who introduced me to Vivvi’s founders, Charlie Bonello and Ben Newton. That conversation turned into a partnership; together we created democratic access to employer-sponsored childcare near restaurant employees’ places of work in SoHo during hours that actually…

3 min.
drink (& rethink) vermouth

Vermouth is back, baby. Well, it’s less that vermouth ever went away (the stuff has deep roots, stretching back to 16th-century Germany) and more that it’s the liquid Lizzo—most folks are only just getting around to its greatness. Once sidelined as a bit player in martinis and Manhattans, vermouth has become a marquee name thanks to the rise of low-ABV drinking and aperitif-style cocktails like the Aperol spritz. “Vermouth is the ultimate beverage,” says Gilles Lapalus, who cowrote The Book of Vermouth with Shaun Byrne. “You can use it in cocktails to bring down the alcohol level and push up the aromatics, or on its own as an aperitif or digestif. And we don’t talk enough about the medicinal virtues of the botanicals in vermouth—it’s like tea with spirit.” Actually, vermouth is…

1 min.
6 things rach is loving right now

1 COMFORT ZONE “I am obsessed with Hello Mello’s Weekender sweats. I was gifted the Raglan Sleeve Top ($30) and Drawstring Pants ($30) at one of my book signings recently and I absolutely love them. I would lounge around in them all day if I could!” hellomello.store 2 BOWLED OVER “I’m a fan of anything that helps kids learn about reducing plastic from a young age. And how cute are these reusable rainbow Ahimsa dish sets for kids? They’re specially made for smaller hands and won’t dent or chip during messy mealtimes.” $65, ahimsahome.com 3 SNACK ATTACK “My wardrobe stylist is crazy for these chocolate-covered Undercover Quinoa snacks. She basically told me not to buy them because they were too dangerously delicious. Now I’m addicted, too!” Eight 2-oz. bags for $40, undercoverchocolate.com 4 MIXED BAG “Belt bags…

2 min.
sing a new tune

If You Like Kacey Musgraves, You’ll Love Brandy Clark She’s been the songwriter behind Sheryl Crow and Miranda Lambert and was nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy in 2015, so why is Clark’s time now? Because hers is the voice we need in 2020. Your Life Is a Record is steeped in country but not beholden to any Nashville sound, each song a sharply observed narrative of a woman making her own choices in today’s America. If you like Bruce Springsteen, you’ll love Brian Fallon Since his days leading the rootsy New Jersey punk band Gaslight Anthem, Brian Fallon has gone from fervently strumming his guitar to tugging on heartstrings. His latest LP, Local Honey, is filled with mostly acoustic tales of fatherhood and love grown richer or gone sour, all sung…