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October 19, 2020

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my visits with robert frost

Robert Frost died when I was 4, so we never met face to face, but throughout my formative years I spent an hour with him every night before I fell asleep. Robert Frost taught me how to write. If you want to write like Robert Frost, you must approach your subject from an unexpected angle. Few things capture the attention like the unexpected. But when your listener has chosen to follow you on a journey, it is because they expect to be fascinated, intrigued, and delighted. Don’t let them down. Robert Frost knew that things can be used as metaphors for other things, which is why his poems often finish by making a powerful point we didn’t see coming. The dual nature of metaphors makes it easy to tell two stories at once. In…

3 min.
the secret to being a great salesperson

So … you’re in radio sales … in a pandemic. Selling air … in a pandemic. Doesn’t sound all that appealing when worded that way, does it? Think again! As a radio salesperson, you are indeed selling one of the most exciting products around! Almost everyone listens to radio — each and every week. And almost every business owner or marketing director you speak with does as well. And you’ve got something they need — solutions and ideas to help increase business, build their brand, make their phone ring, increase traffic to their websites, help with their social media pages, raise awareness for their fundraisers, sell tickets to their events, help them hire additional help, and so much more! I’m often asked, “What’s the most important thing a radio salesperson needs to…

3 min.
how to sell with more confidence

Have you found yourself losing a little confidence over the past few months? At times we all have that voice that says to us, “Maybe now is not the right time to call on that prospect.” I call that our inner villain. In sales, we understand it takes a confident mindset to do what we do every day. As leaders, we need to make sure our team doesn’t lose their confidence. Why? Because it will impact their clients’ business, and their own income. So how do we help them? We make sure they possess the “Four C’s”! The Four-Step Process For More Confidence Courage: All confidence, all change, and all new things start with courage. Courage is making that phone call to that new business, without knowing who is going answer. It’s…