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Radio Ink Magazine

Radio Ink Magazine April 18, 2016

Don't let the Radio revolution pass you by. Get your digital subscription to Radio Ink Magazine. Published 14 times per year, your annual subscription includes these popular issues: The 40 Most Powerful People in Radio The Executive of the Year Issue The Best Program Directors in America The 25 Most Influential Women in Radio The 20 Most Successful African-Americans in Radio Subscribe to the digital Radio Ink and save 50% off the print version!

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3 min.
what is radio’s one thing?

What is the one thing that, if you were able to address it, would cause a massive revolution in your business? What is the one thing that, right now, would be the best single thing you could do? You already know the day-to-day problems and challenges, but chances are that single answer isn’t easy to find. I learned something recently, and I think it’s the equivalent of the Fountain of Youth for someone in business. It’s the thing that, if you master it, will help you master your business and find a solution that will make money flow, as Roy Williams always says, “like a firehose into a teacup.” Instinctively I already knew what I recently learned, but I did not know it in this way. It came to me in…

2 min.
2016 hispanic conference

Radio Ink Publisher Deborah Parenti opens the conference. José Dante Parra kicks off the conference with a talk on how to leverage Hispanic radio in an election year. Bakos Media President Renee Bakos (l) leads the panel on Multicultural Millennial Marketing. Taking part are (l-r) Alpha Media West Palm Beach Marketing Executive Gus Garcia, Pinta Managing Director Lauren Cortiñas, We R 1 Music Group/Miami A&R Director Christopher Reardanz, and Sensis copywriter and editor Victor Soares. How deep is the talent pool? Leading the talk on that hot topic is Santos Latin Media President José A. Santos. He’s joined by (from left) Univision VP/Content East Coast Region Pedro Javier Gonzálex, Global Media Partner Harold Austin, and SBS/Miami Program Supervisor and WXKJ-FM PD Jonny Caride. MEDALLAS DE CORTEZ WINNERS and those accepting the awards on their…

3 min.
data doesn’t convince us. stories do.

roy@wizardofads.com Facts are stacked like bricks to become a tower. Do you see it? But a story is a wave that takes you on a journey and leaves the memory of the tower far behind. Facts are solid. Stories are seductive. Laurie Beth Jones spoke the truth when she said, “People will remember stories long after they have forgotten your bullet points.” Are your ads loaded with facts, or are you crafting stories? Do you know what a good story requires? A Harvard graduate, Maria Konnikova received her Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia. She is the recipient of the 2015 Harvard Medical School Media Fellowship and is a Schachter Writing Fellow at Columbia University’s Motivation Science Center. Let me put it a little more “Texan.” Harvard Medical School believes in Maria enough to give her money. The Motivation…

3 min.
‘how sellers’ are better than ‘why sellers’

mattsunshine@csscenter.com Sellers can get trapped into talking about why their product or services is best. Allow me to describe a scenario that many salespeople find themselves in every day. The client or prospect asks a simple question like, “Why should I buy your product or service?” The salesperson, without missing a beat, launches into something that sounds like this: “The reason why you should buy my product or service is because we are the leader in our industry,” or, “There are many reasons you should go with us. For starters, we are family-owned and -operated and have been in this market for over 25 years.” It’s easy to see why a salesperson would get caught up in this scenario. Let’s remember that salespeople are typically persuasive by nature, and when the client baits…

4 min.
what your digital plan should look like

Some of the best stations in the country are still formulating their digital plans. Radio has a lot of assets, but has even more questions on how to use them properly. Brian Buckalew is an executive producer at KIRO Radio in Seattle. If you go to kiroradio.com, you’ll see a wide offering of focused podcasts in the On-Demand section (notice it’s called On-Demand, not Podcasts). The podcasts are categorized into News, Entertainment, Sports, and Life sections, and KIRO offers 75 different shows in all. “I think podcasts and radio shows are both audio, but they’re very different mediums,” says Buckalew. “It’s a different listening experience.” Think about what a listener has to do to hear a podcast, and compare it to what they need to do to listen to the radio. “A…

4 min.
marketing the media message

parenti@aol.com Renee Cassis started as a promotions director at WCBS in New York almost 30 years ago. Advancing through the marketing and promotion ranks over the years, Renee has held positions at Westwood One and the RAB, and eventually developed her own brand with RC Communications, which consults radio and digital audio companies. She also volunteers her marketing services to the Broadcasters’ Foundation. In a media environment where positioning is more challenging than ever, I asked Renee for her thoughts on what works — and what doesn't. What are the top challenges B2B marketers face today, and what's the best way to tackle them? Cutting through the clutter and standing out are challenges for every brand, whether B2B or B2C. Radio engages in both because it markets to advertisers, listeners, investors, etc. The…