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Radio Ink Magazine August 14, 2017

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what are you afraid of ?

NOTES FROM THE CHAIRMAN TO REACH ME, WRITE: B. Eric Rhoads, Publisher RADIO INK 1901 S. Congress Ave., Ste. 118 Boynton Beach, FL 33426 Phone: 561-655-8778 Fax: 561-655-6164 bericrhoads@gmail.comfacebook.com/eric.rhoads Twitter: @ericrhoads change is all around us, every day. But you know that; people in these pages talk about it all the time. But what we don’t hear about quite as much is something that often comes along with change: fear. Nervousness. Uncertainty about the future. And those don’t have to be negative things. A little fear is natural when things seem to be changing moment to moment and it feels like it’s hard to find your footing. That’s nothing to worry about. And when digital and technology — fast-developing areas that aren’t always easy to understand — are becoming ever more important to our…

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on a mission

parenti@aol.com Some years ago, tragedy struck my family when my brother died. Life stopped at that moment for us, even as it continued outside our shattered world. I had been in the middle of planning our stations’ grand opening. Among the many heartfelt callers in the days after my brother’s death was Gordon Hastings, then head of Katz. Expressing his sympathy, he offered to handle all the arrangements for Pete Rose to appear at the grand opening. He told me, “You have enough on your plate. We will take care of this.” It was a kindness I never forgot. Ten years later, Eric Rhoads approached me about launching the Hispanic Radio Conference. By that time, Gordon had moved on to the Broadcasters Foundation, which also served as my introduction to the organization and its…

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managers roundtable

One of the most important goals of Radio Ink is to help you become a more successful manager and leader. And there’s no better way to get you on the road to success than to hear from those in our industry who have blazed their way to the top. In this Managers Roundtable, we turn to four of Radio Ink’s Radio Wayne finalists and ask them to share their secrets on how to become a successful manager and lead the much larger staffs managers must work with today. Not just in radio, but in any business, I think you have to be in tune with your people, from the interns and parttimers all the way to your top employees. And lead by example. If your employees see you doing things, then…

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Buzz Knight VP of Programming for Beasley Media Group He can be reached at buzz@bbgi.com When summer arrives, it’s an important reminder to take a deep breath and savor the midpoint of the year. How aligned is everybody on your team with their key priorities? Is your organization affected by change, but not always able to see it? How open are you to hearing other viewpoints, from inside your organization and outside? At the Council for Research Excellence’s quarterly meeting, there was an important discussion regarding how our organizations need to deal with the incredible pace of change. One of the reasons I love being a member of the CRE is the opportunity it gives us to step out of our normal thinking and be challenged to think differently and be open…

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radio vs. pay-per-click

President Wizard of Ads Inc. roy@wizardofads.com You hear a lot of talk these days about how no one listens to the radio anymore. Interestingly, the people who make these claims offer no evidence beyond the fact that commercial-free music can be obtained through online streaming. This reminds me of the famous words of Yogi Berra, “No one goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” If you want to see raw numbers, look at the Nielsen Audio Ratings. But I submit to you, as a supplement to those happy numbers, a few observations fueled by my investment of tens of millions of dollars in advertising expenditures each year for more than 25 years. Radio advertising is more cost-effective today than it has ever been, mainly because rates have been suppressed by the myth that “no…

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the seven commandments of promotion

Managing Member AdLab Media Communications You and your client have done your homework. You’ve identified your audience’s interests, and how they align with your client’s products and services. You’ve structured a sound media schedule, crafted an attractive offer, and devised the best possible message. Somehow, you’re still not seeing dramatic results. Now what? Jump off the Eiffel Tower? The Sears Tower? The Empire State Building? None of the above. It’s time to promote, not just advertise. Promotion involves taking the client’s advertising campaign beyond brand awareness, and even beyond brand preference, with that extra juice — the rocket fuel that will magnify your results and drive traffic up to the level you and the client want. In short, promotion is larger-than-life advertising. Promotion may take the form of discounts or other incentives, or…