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Radio Ink Magazine August 22, 2016

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the question about radio’s digital future

The year was 1988 when I made my first public prediction about digital revenues for radio. Since that time, technologies, conferences, and events have come and gone, and over all that time, I’ve told my friends in the radio industry that change is coming and is inevitable. Predictions are not always as you see them at first. Frankly, I thought the whole digital radio thing would have crushed broadcast radio by now, but I was wrong. Though I’m thrilled that radio has managed to hold on to its listeners, it is concerning to see the trends and the percentages of total listening that online radio and online music services have captured. What is in question is whether the lack of broader migration away from terrestrial radio will hold. Will terrestrial radio always…

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the 10 most common mistakes in marketing

roy@wizardofads.com I scribbled my original “Twelve Most Common Mistakes in Marketing” on a hotel bar napkin in Portland, OR in 1997, and then presented those mistakes to 800 people in a seminar the next day. The following year it became an important chapter in my first book, The Wizard of Ads. Happily, that book went on to become Business Book of the Year in 1998 and it launched a trilogy of New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers. Even though plenty of people still make the original 12 mistakes, I believe it’s time for an update, since a new group has emerged to become the 10 Most Common. Inappropriate Use of Social Media The whole world is on Facebook, but is that the right place for your product or service to be advertised?…

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how and why you should teach your clients about roi

paulweyland.com Sometimes you come up with a revelation that is so important and so misunderstood, you feel like you have a moral obligation to share it with others. Over my decades in media sales, I feel like I have discovered a couple of things that must be shared with others, particularly in this calamitous time in broadcast history. One idea is how to tell a new and different story about what we do for a living. That story is called “To Sell the Truth,” and it’s another entire article about how account executives can convince local direct decisionmakers (and a few agencies) how to improve the creative we run in our ads by telling the client’s story in an entirely different way, a way the client has never heard before. The other idea…

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does your team have passion?

dick@crnradio.com How many times have you hired people for positions, thinking they’d do a great job, only to find that it’s not working out as well as you’d hoped or expected? Either they just didn’t get it together, didn’t get along with others, or simply didn’t deliver a good work product. So you sent them packing. This can be counted as a bad investment on both ends: for you, because of the time spent training, and for the employee, in the missed opportunity for them to achieve the satisfaction they were seeking. Worse still, you put someone out on the street who knows your organization better than anyone at your competition, and guess what? That’s where they landed. There is no way for you to definitively know that your next hire is going…

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branding’s basic table stakes

parenti@aol.com Christina Albee, newly minted CMO of Cumulus/ Westwood One (she started in May), greets visitors with a warm handshake and a bright smile. You can tell she has already assessed her mission (her whiteboard alone proves that) and formulated a plan, and she’s excited about bringing it successfully to market. What have you found to be your biggest challenges and opportunities here? My biggest challenge is also my biggest opportunity: to smartly package and leverage our robust company-wide assets. A company this size and with this many assets can be overwhelming. We have over 450 radio stations, a national network, 8,200 affiliates, 245 million unique monthly readers, and award-winning talent across multiple formats. Every day, I uncover something new! The company has both national scale and local reach. I’m looking for ways to…

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is digital the answer for terrestrial radio?

SPIKE SANTEE spike@spikesantee.com Typical brick-and-mortar retailers continue to search for a strategy to compete with online-only sellers like Amazon. AM/FM radio seems to have a similar problem trying to determine how to remain a relevant medium in the digital arena. Many terrestrial radio companies are seeking to demonstrate AM/FM’s continued relevance by launching “digital initiatives,” like streaming, website display ads, or even SEO and keyword search. How many AM and FM radio companies went out and started a billboard company when our prospects decided outdoor advertising was the way to go? Many radio companies got into print in some form to compete for those customers who preferred print — but how robust are those efforts today? In fact, the history of terrestrial radio sales is full of all kinds of nontraditional revenue efforts that have…