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Radio Ink Magazine March 2, 2020

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broadening the playing field

This year’s March issues of Radio Ink celebrate the growth and progress of diversity within the industry, particularly in the years since Radio Ink debuted in 1992. While some would opine that it hasn’t been fast or expansive enough — and indeed, progress should be ongoing — we stand today in stark contrast to 28 years ago. That’s why we are proud to feature the accomplishments and careers highlighted in these and our next issue’s pages and to celebrate the success of some remarkable, inspiring individuals. We have come, if not far enough, at least a long way. In 1992, there were few women in management roles, Hispanic radio was not heard in many markets, and few African Americans or other people of color held top positions. There are still not…

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my friend, the gambler

My friend has been important to me for six or seven years. I had no idea that he had any money until about three years ago. My friend is a professional gambler. No, he doesn’t gamble on green felt tables with cards or dice. He gambles on NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. “Oh, he’s an investor,” you say. “No, I’m a highly informed gambler,” he responds. My friend wins seven out of every eight bets and makes about $100,000 a week. No, I won’t give you his name, and it wouldn’t do you any good if I did. He won’t share any tips with you or me or anyone else and he certainly doesn’t need our money. He is a lone wolf hunting a lone wolf’s prey. My gambling friend doesn’t embrace traditional stock market…

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onboarding or getting them on board?

“The moment you doubt whether you can do something, you cease forever to be able to accomplish it.” I saw that quote some months back on LinkedIn and realized it is a variation on a line from Peter Pan about flying (“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”). I thought how well that equates to onboarding, especially in relation to a few places I’ve worked. Talk to a hundred hiring managers and you’ll get just about as many opinions on what constitutes great onboarding. All too often stations bring in new hires, some of whom have no experience, and think taking a day to go over the rate sheet and current promotions is all that’s required. In 1995, my first radio GM handed…

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6 steps to getting a yes!

Did you know that two-thirds of all sales executives don’t follow a sales process? Follow this process, and the client is more likely to say yes to your ideas! We spend so much time and energy prospecting for the right client, and then we invest more time searching for a valid business reason for us to connect. Prospecting is everything. We connect on LinkedIn and other social channels. We have the discovery meeting and present our award-winning ideas — sorry, I got carried away! I meant to say, we recommend thoughtful strategic solutions, and the client says they will review everything we talked about and follow up next week. You then find yourself wondering how much more time they could need. You presented several solutions to their biggest challenge. Let’s get moving!…

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DeDe McGuire is often called the hardest-working woman in radio. And she’s a leader in one of radio’s smallest clubs: successful female morning show leads. It’s a position dominated by men in all formats, all across the country. McGuire started her radio career as a receptionist. When she was asked to join a host on the air to describe a toy during a Christmas auction, everyone listening knew she was destined for radio greatness. DeDe knew she wanted to be in radio, and she knew she wanted to be on the air. And nobody was going to outwork her. When she did get on the air, she worked in several markets before landing as co-host with Doug Banks. They started out in mornings and then moved to afternoons, working together from 1998-2014. DeDe…

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What are your hobbies? Watching reality shows, traveling, and reading. Who is/was your role model, and why? My mom, because she is the strongest woman I know and because no matter what life has thrown at her, she always gets back up. Tom Joyner because he was and is truly a radio star. He didn’t come from the comedy world or acting world. He was a true radio personality whose talent took him all the way to the top of the food chain in radio. The fact that he took ownership of his show, created Reach Media, and had the success and longevity in syndication is commendable. What are you reading right now? I’m reading two. One is fluff that I picked up at the airport called A Well Behaved Woman by Cherese Anne Fowler. Two,…