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Radio Ink Magazine April 5, 2021

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3 min.
thinking bigger … beyond the radio pie

It’s never good for radio when a station or group finds itself in financial difficulty. Beyond the damage from COVID-19 — piled atop digital competition that entered the competitive landscape over 20 years ago — the bankruptcy filings and maneuvering to bolster balance sheets continue to pack an especially painful punch in the gut. Of course, some players were in trouble long before the pandemic, and critics will be quick to point to self-inflicted wounds. But there is another issue that goes beyond the ongoing crisis we face. It’s the tendency to use bad news coming from across the street to enhance one’s own position. Not that we need crises to beat each other up. It’s a similar tactic to that of reaching for low-hanging fruit. Rather than thinking bigger, everyone…

4 min.
10 tips for advertisers

These are things every local advertiser needs to know, and if you are the AE who shares these 10 tips with them, their respect for you will skyrocket. 1. Bad ads waddle like a porcupine and make lots of little points. Good ads charge like a rhinoceros and make a single point powerfully. This is true regardless of media. 2. When universities ask me to address their advertising and marketing majors, I always warn those young “advertising experts” never to give advice to friends or family who are involved in a local business. “This is because everything you have been taught assumes you will go to work in marketing for a Fortune 500 company, or for an advertising agency that places the media for large, national brands. You have not been taught…

3 min.
why podcast by committee does not work

When you do a podcast for everyone, you are producing a podcast for no one. What I mean by that is, the more people you try to include in your target audience, the more segments you cram in, and the more people chiming in on what they think will sound good, the more you will most likely alienate people and make a podcast that doesn’t do any one thing right. That becomes a big issue when you’re working on a podcast for a brand. When working for a brand, you’ll find that each organization will have a lot of stakeholders who want to be involved with the podcast. This makes sense, as the brand is spending good money and they want to make sure they’re getting what they want and need…

3 min.
freedom of speech spurs success on radio

Ross Rhode is not afraid to speak his mind. He supports freedom of speech. He supports radio as a way for people of all political and social stripes to have a voice. That’s why when he wants people to know about Fair Muffler & Brake Shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin, he spends his ad dollars on WTAQ News Talk, 97.5 FM/1360 AM. When Rhode was hired as the first employee at the business when it opened in 1984, radio was the messaging medium. And when he bought Fair Muffler & Brake in 2001, radio remained his first choice. “We always advertised on the radio,” Rhode says. “The late Shawn Mulhern from WNFL used to do live remotes from the business. He became the voice of Fair Muffler & Brake Shop. After Shawn…

3 min.
radio’s newest fantastic facilities

While capital spending was down over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when you have to rebuild, you have to rebuild. We found several new fantastic-looking new facilities we had to share with you. These three were truly amazing. Walmart Radio Thanks to Scott “Bo” Woloszyn of Walmart & Sam’s Club Radio for sharing the new studios for the company radio station. The brand-new studios for Walmart & Sam’s Club Radio are located in Bentonville, Arkansas, inside the Walmart home office. The studios feature Axia Telos gear, the automation is DAD Enco, and the video streaming is all via LiveStream Studio. The studios took about two months to build, and another two weeks to switch out to all-digital gear. Woloszyn tells Radio Ink they have a full main studio and an Axia…

25 min.
the future of the talk radio format

Even though the radio world knew the day would come after he announce his Stage 4 cancer diagnosis back in January of 2020, it was still a devastating loss to his radio associates and legion of listeners when Rush Limbaugh passed away in February of this year. The 70-year-old conservative talker was on the air for 32 years, dominating the Talk format for the majority of that time. He was credited with saving AM radio and revitalizing the Talk format, becoming a must-listen for millions of Americans across the country, no matter which political party was in power. For three hours every weekday, Rush entertained and informed his fans, laying the foundation for many new political talk shows that would follow. What happens next to the Talk format? How many hosts will it…