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Radio Ink Magazine December 26, 2016

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radio needs to fight like this is our last chance

In his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Bob Dylan wrote, “When I started writing songs as a teenager, and even as I started to achieve some renown for my abilities, my aspirations for these songs only went so far. I thought they could be heard in coffeehouses or bars, maybe later in places like Carnegie Hall, the London Palladium. If I was really dreaming big, maybe I could imagine getting to make a record and then hearing my songs on the radio. That was really the big prize in my mind. Making records and hearing your songs on the radio meant that you were reaching a big audience and that you might get to keep doing what you had set out to do.” Several years ago, when I…

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the talented ae’s blind spot

roy@wizardofads.com I’m betting you’re a successful account executive. You’re doing well. Let’s face it: You’re talented — gifted, in fact — an overachiever. But the odds are 7 in 10 that it’s difficult for you to accept and believe these compliments. I say this because 70 percent of our population suffers from Impostor Syndrome, and it is most common among high achievers, particularly people with graduate degrees, college professors on track for tenure, and research scientists. 1 Isaac Newton, the man who changed the way we understand the universe, who discovered the laws of gravity and motion and invented calculus, suffered from Impostor Syndrome, saying, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” 2 Impostor Syndrome is the blind spot that comes with talent. You’ve likely been telling yourself: “I’m successful because…

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10 ways you can help s

Who’s telling radio’s story in your market? There’s a lot of noise about all things digital, but you need to shout radio’s story loud and clear. There is probably no better way to establish your credentials as a marketing expert, and to tell the story of radio’s role in the new media economy, than through public speaking. But don’t let glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, stop you in your tracks. Even renowned public speaker Warren Buffett suffered from glossophobia, but he realized the benefits of overcoming that fear at a very early age. He quickly established his brand, and grew his sales, by teaching investment principles to people much older than himself. Please, before you let glossophobia kick in, let me share with you why you need to engage in public speaking, how…

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images from forecast

Christal Radio & Katz Partnerships President Christine Travaglini moderates the "Inside the Minds of Agencies" panel with Optimedia|Blue 449 CEO Dave Ehlers, iHeartMedia President/Programmatic & Data Operations Brian Kaminsky, and Havas Media, NA CEO Colin Kinsella. Radio One Chairperson Cathy Hughes received Radio Ink's Lifetime Leadership Award. With Hughes are (l-r) Radio One CEO (and Hughes' son) Alfred Liggins, Radio Ink Publisher Deborah Parenti, and Forecast co-chair and iHeartMedia Sr. Advisor/Broadcast Relations Dan Mason. CBS Radio COO Scott Herman and Entercom CEO David Field (who have momentarily traded plaques) pose with iHeartMedia President/COO/CFO Richard Bressler. Guests from Forecast Platinum Sponsor Nielsen Inc: Sr. Marketing Manager Candace Barber, Communications Director Mia Scott, and Marketing Manager Jasmine Elliott. Premiere Networks President Julie Talbott, who co-chaired Forecast 2017, with Radio Ink Chairman Eric Rhoads and NAB EVP/Radio…

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playing to win

Before stepping up to the consultant plate, Jason Barrett was a successful sports radio program director. Over his 20 years at markets including San Francisco and St. Louis, Jason had the opportunity to work with, and to coach, some of the most accomplished broadcasters in the country, among them Dan Patrick, Keith Olbermann, Sean Salisbury, Doug Gottlieb, Chuck Wilson, D’Marco Farr, Chris Dimino, Brandon Tierney, Eric Davis, and others. In August 2015, he launched Barrett Sports Media, a full-service sports programming and marketing company that works with sports radio and television companies, professional sports teams, and sports agencies, in developing and building their brands. It’s been almost 30 years since WFAN made its debut as the first 24-hour sports radio station. How has the format changed over those years? The format used…

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they dare to be different

“Miami is the only city I’ve ever loved.” — Dan Le Batard Dan Le Batard has been one of the most respected sports journalists in Miami since 1990, when he started writing for the Miami Herald. He added radio to his resume when he met up with Jon “Stugotz” Weiner in the early 2000s, when they hosted afternoons together in Miami on 790-AM The Ticket. Today, Le Batard and Stugotz host one of ESPN Radio’s hottest syndicated shows, The Dan Le Batard Show, weekdays from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. ET. In addition to the success of the radio show, The Dan Le Batard Show Podcast is averaging 5.8 million impressions every month. ESPN launched the show into syndication in 2015. And while every host and sports talk team wants you to believe they…