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Radio Ink Magazine June 20, 2016

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we’ve come a long way, baby

Back in the 1970s, when cigarette commercials were still on the air, Virginia Slims debuted — it was a new brand of cigarettes, just for women. The campaign, “You’ve come a long way, baby,” hailed the progress the women’s movement had made (and claimed the way to celebrate it was with a cigarette). So, while women’s progress in the 1970s was huge, it was far from where it needed to be. As a young man breaking into radio back then, I saw things I had never seen growing up. Women in business were treated very badly, much worse than anything portrayed on the show Mad Men. I saw bosses I worked for make constant sexual advances toward all the women in the office, and I saw evidence of women cooperating —…

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how to use radio right

Hungry people look for food. Sad people look for hope. Ambitious people look for opportunity. Oppressed people look for escape. But if food is available and you are neither sad nor oppressed and your ambition is — for now, at least — satisfied, you are contented. Contented people look for entertainment. Most Americans — unless they are in the bottom 25 percent of household incomes — are contented. Money, they have. Time, they do not. The salesperson who wins the customer’s time is the one most likely to win their money. What currency do you offer in exchange for the time of your clients and your clients’ customers? Do you offer them information? Information holds little interest for persons who aren’t currently in the market for your product. Information is valuable only to the customer who is currently, consciously in…

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when did broadcasting become a dirty word?

New technologies and alleged “big data” have made “reaching the masses,” via broadcasting or other mass media, dirty words in some circles. Advertisers are being lured by the ability to narrow-cast and to finely target their marketing. The ability to target more finely beyond the masses is appealing, particularly to those who cringe at the old Wanamaker quote, “I know half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” But fine-tuning your targeting, by geography, demographics, psychographics, or any other pre-conceived qualifiers, ignores a few realities: The market is not narrowly defined by geography, especially for big-ticket purchases. RV dealers know that customers will drive hundreds of miles to capture the motor home they want. And a consumer who lives on one side of a market often works and shops on the…

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how auto dealers are using digital advertising

For most radio clusters, automotive is a top ad category. But the past few years have seen auto dealers moving money out of radio and into digital advertising options. Here’s an overview of the top digital advertising products automotive dealers are using, so you can have a better understanding of how they work — and how to find ways to integrate them into your radio ad mix. First, there are automotive-buyer ad networks that target automotive websites with either display or video ads. Dealers use these to stay top-of-mind as people are beginning to think about a car purchase, while the consumer is still at the top of the “sales funnel” process. Keyword and contextual targeting work by targeting people as they are searching keywords related to specific types of vehicles or…

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breaking news, busting barriers

parenti@aol.com Cheri Preston is a multiple Murrow and Gracie Award-winning ABC Radio News anchor and correspondent. She has been behind the microphone for some of the past decade’s biggest stories, including the Iraq invasion, Superstorm Sandy, the capture of the Boston Marathon bomber, and the Sandy Hook shootings. A passionate professional, Cheri reflects on her career and the impact of women in the newsroom, and reiterates the importance of role models and of mentoring younger colleagues, women and men, who aspire to advance through the industry ranks. Those who have “made it” owe it to the next generation, and to radio, to heed that advice. What drew you to news? I started college wanting to be a music teacher, but midway through, I knew it wasn’t for me. My friend Kelly Jackson — now…

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how to successfully lead 100 employees

Elizabeth Hamma started her radio career as a promotions director in Syracuse, NY. When she realized the salespeople were making good money on her ideas, she quickly moved into sales at WSYR. She says NewCity Communications was a wonderful company that provided invaluable training in sales and sales management. After a dozen years with NewCity, she was ready for a bigger market and jumped at an opportunity to join AMFM in Detroit. Then it was on to Louisville, and then to West Palm Beach. Hamma started there with WRMF, which was independent at the time. Dean Goodman wound up purchasing WRMF and clustering it with his purchase of the CBS Radio stations. That seven-station group is now owned by CEO Larry Wilson’s Alpha Media and run by Hamma. Wilson says, “One of…