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Radio Ink Magazine March 6, 2017

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how radio can make 10 times its income

My thick skull often takes decades to learn important lessons, but one lesson has made me more money in the last two years than in the prior five years combined. I’ve moved my business from gradual, incremental income to a tsunami of cash, and in a very short time. It turns out I was the dam holding back that flood of cash, because of that thick skull telling myself, “This isn’t the business I’m in.”Before I share it, please know that your own thick skull will immediately discount the possibilities. Yet if you follow this track, your profits will soar beyond anything you ever imagined. Though I’m only one example, I can tell you that I’ve never seen anything like it.This journey started five years ago, as I hit the…

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how to say more in fewer words

roy@wizardofads.com1. Use Words That Have Specific Meanings.“The bug moved along the ground, deciding which way it should go.” “The ant crawled between the blades of grass, peeking left and right at every intersection.” Bug is nonspecific. Ant is specific. “Moved along the ground” is mildly specific, but not vivid. “Crawled between the blades of grass” is specific and vivid. 2. Don’t Tell. Show.“Deciding which way it should go,” tells you what the ant is doing.“Peeking left and right at every intersection,” shows you the ant and leads you to conclude that the ant is deciding which way to take. You are, for a moment, seeing through the eyes of the ant. 3. Write Tight and Clean.Short sentences hit harder than longer ones.What I’m doing now is giving you an example…

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time to change the way you’re selling

Is your sales team working the same way radio sales were being run 10 years ago? If so, and you are not getting the results corporate is expecting, there’s a good chance you need to update your sales playbook.“Sales playbook” refers to the rules, guidelines, standards, and best practices you use when presenting your station and selling solutions. When you have a solid playbook, sales-enablement tools, like software that tells you when an e-mail has been opened or when someone downloads a case study from your website, can give you extremely powerful information. And powering your updated playbook with a customer relationship management system (some popular CRMs: Salesforce, Hubspot) will lead to even more success.If you answer “No” or “I don’t know” to most of the following questions, you need…

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innovation. inspiration. inclusion.

parenti@aol.comMichelle DukeMichelle Duke’s approach to fostering workplace inclusion combines innovation with inspiration. As vice president of the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation, she developed a concept for the NABEF continuum of programs, creating a number of successful ones that are helping move the diversity needle in the broadcasting industry. What has been the progress in terms of minority ownership since you joined NABEF in 2005?A lot of work has been done to build the pipeline of women and minority broadcasters who are prepared for station ownership. This year, we will have 289 graduates of our Broadcast Leadership Training program — over 80 percent of whom are women and/or people of color.That leaves access to capital an issue that still needs to be addressed. Recently NAB and the NAB Education…

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radio wayne: where are they now? skip finley: 1994 broadcaster of the year

Radio Ink: Back in 1994, when you won the Radio Wayne, what were you doing at the time?Finley: In 1994 I was one of the principal owners of WKYS-FM in Washington, DC; my partners were the late Bertram M. Lee, the late Ron Brown (former U.S. secretary of commerce), Jim Kelly (former husband of Sharon Pratt Kelly, mayor of Washington, DC), and Michael B. Elefante, an attorney and partner at Hemenway & Barnes. We enjoyed a time when it was meaningful to be the number one-ranked station in audience and revenue, and at an Urban-programmed station in a major market. Radio Ink: What was it like managing radio stations in 1994 compared to what you hear when you talk to friends today?Finley: This was prior to deregulation, when your focus…

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davis broadcasting

After a 13-year run in television marketing and sales management (working for ABC and Multi-Media), Greg Davis made the decision to go out on his own. His original goal was to purchase a television station. But after he couldn’t find a TV station he wanted in Columbus, GA, Davis heard there were radio stations available for purchase in Augusta. “Sales is sales,” he says. “If you can sell television, you can sell radio, and that’s how we got into the business.” In 1986, with the purchase of stations in both Augusta and Columbus, Davis Broadcasting was born.Greg Davis and his wife, Cheryl, started the company 30 years ago, with Greg as the CEO and GM and Cheryl as the operations manager. They are still running the company together today, along…