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Radio Ink Magazine May 22, 2017

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who do you trust?

As the world is more than happy to demonstrate these days, change comes at us fast, and often from unexpected — sometimes even shocking – directions. Hardly a day passes that some new scandal or revelation doesn’t come roaring at us, reported by what sometimes seems an increasingly panic-prone media.In the midst of so much drama, you have to know who you can trust. And in the midst of it all, radio is endlessly calling for unity within the industry, and for all of us to face our challenges together. But that requires trust too. So that’s why I’m asking the question, just as some food for thought: Who do you trust?People at big radio corporations: Do you trust that company leadership has your interest and the best interest of…

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rise of the experience economy

President Wizard of Ads Inc. roy@wizardofads.comOur nation is changing, of course.Things aren’t like they used to be.Major retailers are closing hundreds of stores and famous clothing brands are at historic lows.But we’re not in a recession.According to an April 10 article by Derek Thompson in The Atlantic:“America’s GDP has been growing for 8 straight years, gas prices are low, unemployment is under 5 percent, and the last 18 months have been quietly excellent years for wage growth, particularly for middle- and lower-income Americans.”Yes, Amazon.com and the other online players are partially responsible for the decline of retail in America, but not nearly to the degree you might think. In 2016, only 6 percent of retail purchases were made online.But retailers are down by a lot more than 6 percent.Want to…

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why can’t you close that business?

PAUL WEYLANDLocal direct broadcast business consultant. His books can be found at paul@ paulweyland.com . You can reach Paul at 512 236 1222.As I travel across the country working with broadcast stations, I see a lot of long-term local direct business on the table — business that should be on the books by now but is not. Because it’s still on the table. Money, just sitting there on the table. So why won’t these decisionmakers close? For a variety of reasons, many of which can be traced back to one party: you. Let’s examine how we get so close, yet it seems we’re still light years away from the reward, a signed annual contract.It’s a fact that people will usually buy only after they are finally convinced beyond a shadow…

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how do radio’s leaders balance work and life?

“A leader must set healthy boundaries and recognize what happens when we go beyond them, especially in trying to juggle the work and personal life balance. No job — regardless of position — is worth sacrificing a healthy and enjoyable personal life. Little things go far in accomplishing this, such as limiting weekend and evening e-mails to only time-sensitive requests and gently prodding colleagues to make sure they maximize all their vacation days.“A well timed — and delivered with a smile — phrase, ‘Go home early,’ on slower-thannormal days, especially around long weekends, can make a world of difference. As financial pressures might at times limit a company’s ability to reward staff with traditional bonuses as often as they’d like, sometimes additional vacation days to spend with family are also…

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kicking the radio tires

EVP Streamline Publishing parenti@aol.comOver the years, David Benjamin has launched, operated, and sold two successful radio groups. Today, he presides over Benjamin Media Investments, which is focused on investing in radio deals. What criteria do investors look for in placing their money?How is the radio investments market this year?At the recent NAB, most brokers claimed that their available inventory of stations remained very thin. Even discounting for the restructurings that may take place, my guess is that there will be more mid- and small-market clusters available this year than in 2016. Among other reasons, there exist a number of mid-market companies controlled by private equity firms where investments are already well past their “sell by” dates, and, at least in my discussions, most of these firms do not see any…

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what to say when there’s nothing to say!

Show prep rule of thumb: It’s a fact — the more planned your next show is, the more casual, conversational, and spontaneous it will sound. Obviously, when there’s a one-time event in your market, you’ll talk about it (concert, flood, local bank robbery, etc.), but what do you do on the days when there’s not much going on? How do you plan what to talk about when it’s a plain ol’ average day?There’s nothing worse on the radio than a music show with no customized content. So make some up! It’s easy. But where can you get ideas, day after day, week after week?Here’s where (and how).Top Topics: Customize These Now!Hashtags: But not used the way you might think. Search topics that might be used anywhere, so you’ll get results…