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Radio Ink Magazine May 9, 2016

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a day with a legend starts a life of friendship

Big things happen when you least expect them. It was the summer of 1974, I had been fired from Y100, and I was living with my parents. One day my friends Charlie Willer (the man who got me into radio) and John Garrett decided to take a road trip to Chicago from Fort Wayne. Our goal was to meet the famous voice behind The Secret Adventures of the Tooth Fairy and Chickenman. For three radio geeks, there was no better way to spend a day. We arrived in Chicago, had lunch at the Water Tower Place McDonald’s, and met with one of John’s friends. Following our lunch, we all walked down to Oak Street, to the studios where we were going to sit in on a recording session, behind the control-room…

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radio’s coming renaissance

The past 10 years have been filled with a lot of marketing blather about "branded content" and the creation of "love marks" for big brands, but if you take a look at the YouTube and Facebook videos that are gathering millions of views, you'll see that most of them were made by imaginative regular people, not big brands. Social media connects regular people with regular people. Radio will soon be going back to that model, too. Radio is about to get fun again. Radio was deregulated in 1996. Consolidators gathered up radio stations by the armful and brought big-business efficiency into what had been a mostly mom-and-pop category. Profits soared, and Wall Street said, "Let's do this thing. She looks doable, doesn't she?" That's when the rules changed. Corporate radio was born…

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how to create sustainable sales performance

mattsunshine@csscenter.com Do you want to know what it takes to have sustainable sales performance? Who wouldn’t? I have found that the best solutions often combine a jump-start plan with a long-term plan for sustainability. And in the world of sales performance, that sustainable plan involves three essential keys. Sales Performance = Talent + Training + Tactics Think of sales performance as a three-legged stool. When all three legs are strong, there is nothing sturdier. But if one of the legs becomes weak or wobbly, the stool is no longer able to function as you need it to. It is critical that each leg be strong and able to carry the weight for the entire stool to work. In any sales organization, it is just as critical that all three of the legs (talent, training, and tactics)…

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struggle fixing the with media broadcasters agency’s

I got a call the other day from a beleaguered former broadcaster, now owner of a media agency. This gentleman knew me from his broadcasting past. He was all verklempt about how he was being treated these days by broadcasters. “You talk to them, Paul. Could you please tell them that they should treat us with more respect? It’s like suddenly they’re more aggressive and hostile toward us. And we provide them with so much money. It would be so much better if they just treated us with the respect that we deserve. After all, we’re their clients.” No kidding. I almost choked on my coffee as I listened to him blather on and on. But that’s what he had to say to me — and that’s what he wanted me to…

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don’t let your advertisers give credit to the moon

Imagine you’re fresh out of college, and your best friend sets you up on a blind date. You have a good time on the blind date, and, after a few more dates, she invites you to join her on a cruise. During the cruise you have the time of your life, and you begin dating more seriously. Then, one nervous night under a romantic full moon, you ask her to marry you. She says yes, accepts your ring, and the sale is made. Who gets credit for the sale? The best friend who introduced you? The cruise line? The months of dating and getting to know each other? The full moon? How about the ring? The fact is, the cruise, the dating, the moon, and the ring would never have happened…

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why you should geo-target for your advertisers

gbarnes@revkick.com When looking to pinpoint an audience based on geography, the terms geo-fencing or geo-targeting are often used. These terms are often incorrectly used interchangeably, creating confusion, so let’s clarify what they mean. Geo-targeting is a broad term for the method of pinpointing an audience based on their location — ranging from as wide as the state to as granular as an address. Any and all advertising types can use geo-targeting to define a location applicable to each campaign. Geo-fencing refers to a more specific application of geo-targeting, where a virtual barrier is created around a defined area, usually determined by a geo-targeting strategy. A geo-fence can be as broad as a state or as hyperlocal as a city block, and the smaller the geo-fence, the more granular the targeting. Geo-fencing is almost…