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Radio Ink Magazine November 14, 2016

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forecasting the future

Sometimes the most innocent things haunt you. They wake you in the middle of the night, shaking you from a dead sleep. Simple little bubbles inside your head grow into massive ideas that you have to deal with, because your gut believes they are ideas whose time has come. One such idea came to me back in 2002. I had been interviewing someone for an article. We were talking about the upcoming year and what this broadcaster was expecting, and the answer was, “It’s all guesswork. I wish there was some way to get a better handle on predicting the coming year.” That statement haunted me. Surely there had to be a way to predict the year ahead more consistently. What if all of radio, not just this one company, could get better…

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how to write interesting radio ads

Why do old songs pop into our heads? Unheard for decades — and often a song we never even liked – there it is, filling the echo chamber of the articulatory loop of working memory in the dorsolateral prefrontal association areas of our brains. “Smokin’ cigarettes and watchin’ Captain Kannnng-aroo/ Now don’t tell meeeeeeee I’ve nothin’ to dooooo….” I whispered everything I could remember to Google. Google whispered back, “The Statler Brothers, ‘Flowers on the Wall,’ 1966. It won the Grammy for Best Performance by a Vocal Group.” If you want to write ads that pierce through the clutter and capture the interest of your listeners, ask your clients to send you their irrelevant and ridiculous passing thoughts. Tell them not to overthink it, and not to be annoyed when most of their passing thoughts…

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social media intelligence

Recently, I caught up with Frank Murray, president and founder of Zocle, a social dashboard with the power to track topics, people, and stories being talked about now by specific audiences. Along with a fascinating product, he has some interesting observations about social media and how radio can make more effective use of it overall. What is radio “missing” about social media? There’s been a massive shift in how people get important information — traffic, weather, humor, local news, breaking new music — that used to come strictly from radio. Apps and social media networks have taken over providing real-time, on-demand information. The good news is, out of all traditional media, radio has the greatest opportunity to benefit from social media, if used skillfully. Remember, social media is about immediate information. For generations, radio…

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making things great in 2017 begins with looking for greatness

You have probably heard all the cliches, like “Attitude determines altitude” or Henry Ford’s famous quote “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.” But our friends in the newsroom are in a race to undermine your attitude. When the GDP grows by 1 percent, the growth is reported to be “sluggish.” Yet when it declines by 1 percent, it is “crashing.” We are now experiencing the longest recovery period in history. But it’s the slow pace of that recovery that makes the headlines, even though rapid recoveries are historically responsible for the “bubbles” that burst and cause crashes. Recently, a crawl across the bottom of my TV screen read, “One out of 10 people shot by police are unarmed.” Wow, that means when a cop fires his gun…

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10 secrets to success in small-market radio

Small-market radio success is very attainable when you decide your station is going to be the best. If you can use just one or two of these ideas to help your small-market station grow, then I’ve accomplished my goal. 1. Research. The more you know about your broadcast area, the more doors you open. The previous station owner said, “Now, this area of the state isn’t like the area you came from. It’s not as agricultural.” But current Iowa State University Extension data indicated our area of the state was rated 1, 2, or 3 in virtually every ag statistic. We changed our farm markets almost overnight. We eliminated a piped-in farm market network (robbing us of local ad dollars) and started reading markets from DTN — the same used by…

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how to increase revenue in 2017

Everyone wants to see radio not just growing again in 2017, they want to see revenue growing at a very decent clip. Radio executives don’t want to buy into the statement that “Flat is the new normal” — they are not OK with that. So how do radio stations around the country get revenue jumping again? We turned to some of Radio Ink’s Best Managers for 2016 and asked them the following question: What is it going to take to get radio revenue growing, at a decent pace, every year moving forward? Here’s what they had to say. We have to get out of the mindset of “just radio.” We are an entertainment medium. Radio is just one of the content-delivery sources that we offer our listeners, our community, and our advertisers.…