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Radio Ink Magazine October 9, 2017

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what will you do when advertising disappears?

Dan Kennedy, one of the world’s great marketers and direct response copywriters, often talks about how rapidly businesses can change and the status quo can be disrupted. In his long career, he has watched entire industries disrupted by one swift signature on a contract or the development of a new technology.Kennedy often talks about how his firm was raking in millions of dollars in the infomercial business, until everything changed dramatically when Congress passed a law that prohibited many things infomercials were doing. Overnight, his cash cow became anorexic, and there was nothing he could do to change it.Kennedy talks about how, in most industries, revenue is based on a single source of income — he refers to it as “single pillar.” Picture the Parthenon, but instead of multiple pillars,…

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managing to lead

parenti@aol.comCongratulations, you’ve been promoted to manager. You’ve been handed the keys. You’re in charge.While once the title may have carried a more autonomous ring, a manager is still a manager. Implicit with the role is an expectation that you have all the answers. Translation: You have been blessed with superpowers mere mortals can only dream of possessing.I know. I’ve been a radio manager. I know what it’s like to walk cold into that office for the first time and sit behind that desk wondering “What in the hell do I do now?” How the faces of people you’ve worked with for years take on a look of bemusement. Or you scan the room, watching furrowed brows telegraph a “Did I ever do anything to offend this person in whose hands…

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how to create ads that connect emotionally

roy@wizardofads.comFreeze-frame each moment when something rocks your world.When you cry or become frightened or get angry or laugh or are overwhelmed by a sense of wonder, reverse-engineer what just happened. Ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this way? How did they do this to me?” Was it something in the sequence of events? Was it in the shapes or colors, words or music, symbols or associations? Was it facial expressions, vocal intonations, or a combination of several of these at once?Keep in mind that visual techniques and gestural techniques can be easily adapted to radio. This is a huge blind spot in the minds of radio professionals.Experiment with what you learn. The techniques that worked on you will work for you, as well.Communication is usually auditory, graphic, or gestural. These…

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10 common traits of winning ac stations

Have you ever looked at the ratings and wondered: How do certain ACs always come out on top? There is a reason. Do a “programming X-ray” on the most successful and consistently high-rated AC stations, and you quickly see the common elements that make them winners.After years of working with ACs around the country, here’s my top 10 list of the common traits of winning AC stations.1. They understand their listeners’ music taste. They know that if the music is not right, their ratings will not be right. To them, music research is like a utility bill. It always gets paid. Successful ACs don’t want their “lights turned off,” so they do the research (you know what I mean!).2. The golden rule is “win at work.” Everything rallies around 8…

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radio’s leaders attend the 2017 radio show in austin

It's become a tradition: NAB EVP/Radio John David opens the show with a few jokes and his a cappella rendition of "Hello Dolly."”FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and Entercom President/CEO David Field: So, Chairman, can you nudge the DOJ along just a tad?Radio Ink CEO Eric Rhoads and Cox Media Group EVP Bill Hendrich: Austin is a casual city, correct?Katz Media Group CEO Mark Gray and Radio Ink Publisher Deborah Parenti: Forecast is next month; New York City awaits us!RAB President/ CEO Erica Farber, Cox Media Group President Kim Guthrie, Jillian Ryan, and Mary Beth Garber: Blondes only, please!Cumulus/Westwood One EVP/Content & Programming Mike McVay and iHeartMedia Sr. Advisor Dan Mason: So, Dan, if that iHeart gig doesn't work out...Entercom RVP Susan Larkin and Weiss Agency EVP Heather Cohen: So, Susan,…

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exclusive berner: cumulus has turned the corner

It’s been just over two years since Mary Berner took over as CEO of Cumulus Media. In a cover story interview in September of 2016, one year into her project to turn around the company, Berner told Radio Ink that it was clear that Cumulus was in trouble. She said there were significant operational challenges, turnover was rampant, and Cumulus had a years-long track record of financial decline. “We needed to focus on operating the business and making everything work together in a way that is cohesive and synergistic,” she said in 2016. But she also believed Cumulus had enormous potential.So how does Berner feel now, after two years leading radio’s second-largest company? She says that while there’s still a lot of work to do, the company has turned the…