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Radio Ink Magazine Sep-20-10

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radio: a david and goliath battle

Radio, it seems, is antiquated. In the eyes of journalists around the world and among the thought leaders who have been seduced by the idea of a one-to-one digital world, radio is very far from the cutting edge. Meanwhile, we in the radio industry become defensive about how we’re digital too, how our listening hasn’t declined and we’re not losing distribution like other “traditional” media, and how our blanket broadcast distribution is more efficient than digital.The problem is, it’s not working. No one wants to believe a 100- year-old medium can be relevant today.The news came out recently about radio’s intent, with the cooperation of record labels, to push for an FM radio chip in every cellphone. And our industry was instantly slammed with negative press. “This ancient industry is…

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nab marconi radio award finalists

The NAB has named the finalists for the 2010 NAB Marconi Radio Awards. The winners will be announced September 30 at the Marconi Awards Dinner & Show, part of the 2010 Radio Show in Washington, DC.Legendary StationKBCO-FM, DenverKSHE-FM, St. LouisKSL-AM, Salt Lake CityWBZ-AM, BostonWTOP-FM, Washington, DCNetwork/Syndicated Personality Of The YearBob and Tom, Premiere Radio NetworksDr. Laura, Take On the DaySteve Harvey, Premiere Radio NetworksTom Joyner, Reach MediaScott Shannon, Citadel MediaMajor-Market Personality Of The YearJody Dean and The Morning Team, KLUV-FM DallasDunham, Miller & Keith, KTCK-AM, DallasGene and Julie, KVIL-FM, DallasRonn Owens, KGO-AM, San FranciscoPierre Robert, WMMR-FM, PhiladelphiaLarge-Market Personality Of The YearDrew and Mike in the Morning, WRIF-FM, DetroitMike Rosen, KOA-AM, DenverMike Trivisonno, WTAM-AM, ClevelandSusan Wise, WLYF-FM, MiamiDoug Wright, KSL-AM, Salt Lake CityMedium-Market Personality Of The YearBrian Gary and Todd Harding,…

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It’s The Content, StupidThis drives me to distraction (Radio Ink, 8/23, “President Andrew Mariathasan Talks About Why He Wants To Conquer Radio”). Why should radio “drive” someone to a website? When’s the last time wasting time on a website was really productive or fun? Be the best radio (content guys!!) you can be, and the website is worthless. Radio is not old or obsolete, it’s just that the people in charge are herding radio people like stupid sheep, and we’re letting them. The crap that passes for programming — well, what would you expect. It all comes down to this: DO YOUR JOB. I could go on, but I’m not going to change what the elites are promoting.WAGS is live radio, real people in real time, playing country, indie country,…

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copy, frequency, and ppm

Buying local radio on more than 500 stations in 38 states requires my firm to analyze radio schedules on more than 2,000 stations each year. Many of these stations are in PPM-rated markets. Consequently, we’ve learned a few things.If the data from the Portable People Meter is correct — and I believe it is — frequency is much tougher to attain than we previously believed. Generally speaking, PPM tells us that listeners tune in to twice as many stations as they report in their diaries, so each station’s TSL is lower than we thought. The stations with the strongest identities, the catchiest slogans, and the most mnemonic call letters are rewarded with diary numbers that indicate huge audiences those stations never really had. Meanwhile, the less-remembered stations are forced to…

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digital rewards: compensating for success

As Glenn Bell of Stoner Broadcasting once said, “I never regretted paying the right person too much. I did regret not paying enough — or with the right incentive.” Compensation plans that provide tangible rewards for achieving clearly defined goals are the ultimate winwin for both the employee and the company.As investments in digital platforms grow, how to compensate those entrusted with these initiatives should be part of any strategic dialogue. I posed that question to Presslaff Interactive’s Ruth Presslaff, whose involvement with digital operations at stations across the country provides a uniquely qualified perspective.Where should the responsibility for digital platform accountability lie, or how should it be divided in terms of executing strategy?The problem, in many cases, is that those in charge of digital media have been given “the…

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are you killing the rab?

Canada’s equivalent of the Radio Advertising Bureau, the Radio Marketing Bureau, closed its doors last month. Although the RAB and the RMB might be considered competitors to my radio management and sales consulting practice, the demise of Canada’s RMB deeply saddens me.We’re our own worst enemies in the radio business. I’ve seen stations offer incentives to advertisers for not using other radio stations in their markets, driving the money left on the table to other media. We drive dollars to more user-friendly media, traditional and new, and confuse advertisers when we all claim to be number one.My most recent disgust is directed at stations both north and south of the Canadian border for not supporting — or using — the industry’s marketing associations, the RAB and RMB.Innovative radio leaders spearheaded…