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Radio Ink Magazine September 17, 2018

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moving the cheese

DEBORAH PARENTI EVP/PUBLISHER STREAMLINE PUBLISHING PARENTI@AOL.COM This issue profiles the 2018 slate of Radio Wayne finalists and their “secret sauce” for success. It’s the 26th year of this prestigious competition, the one award that recognizes and celebrates the sales, marketing, and management side of the industry.It began as a vision of Radio Ink Chairman Eric Rhoads, inspired by his admiration for Wayne Cornils, whose career spanned decades across many facets of the industry, most especially sales, marketing, and management. Eric wanted to ensure Wayne’s legacy following a cancer diagnosis. Eric also believed this was the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the side of the hall that did not usually bring home the big shiny, trophies. Essentially, Eric found a need — and filled it. Something,…

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the next radio killer

B. ERIC RHOADS, PUBLISHER RADIO INK 331 SE MIZNER BLVD. BOCA RATON, FL 33432 PHONE: 561-655-8778 FAX: 561-655-6164 BERICRHOADS@GMAIL.COM  FACEBOOK.COM/ERIC. RHOADS TWITTER: @ERICRHOADS Watching the Radio Show over the past decades has been interesting, because most years there is a hot topic that is going to “change the face of radio.” We’ve been through it all, from citizens band radio to CDs, cell phones, the digital dash, Internet radio, iTunes, Spotify, and other threats to radio listening. The hot topics at this year’s show will be listening on smart speaker devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and the related topic of podcasting.Predictions of radio’s death have happened over decades — in fact, I’ve made a few myself. Radio has watched the threats come and go,…

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making them hear what you didn’t say

ROY H. WILLIAMS PRESIDENT WIZARD OF ADS INC. ROY@WIZARDOFADS.COM They told you it was called “reading between the lines.”But what they didn’t tell you was that the writer put it there — between the lines — for you to figure out on your own.Here’s an example of saying something without saying it: “After hearing him speak, I strongly suspected that a village somewhere was looking for its idiot.” Speak the truth, and people will doubt you. But if you can tempt those people to follow you to where they can discover that truth for themselves, you will have convinced them to the core of their soul.You’ve got to let them find the treasure on their own. But it’s OK to leave a trail of breadcrumbs.Just…

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overcoming radio’s biggest challenge

Radio is holding its own against the stiffest competition ever. Outdated rules make it difficult to keep the digital companies from taking away advertising dollars. The radio industry is working hard to stay as significant as ever with advertisers. ROI studies, creative content, and digital innovation all play a role. In our Leadership Roundtable for this issue, we reached out to some of the 40 Most Powerful People in Radio and asked them this question: What is radio’s biggest challenge, and how do we overcome that challenge? Rich Bressler President/COO/CFO iHeartMedia This is the most unique media business I’ve ever been in. Usually when the stories are written about your business or industry, the facts have to catch up. With radio, the facts about consumer…

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win the war in talent acquisition

LAURIE KAHN PRESIDENT/FOUNDER MEDIA STAFFING NETWORK 480.3096.8930 LAURIE@MEDIASTAFFINGNETWORK. COM IF TALENT ACQUISITION ISN’T A MAJOR FOCUS FOR YOUR COMPANY, YOU WILL STRUGGLE TO ATTRACT, HIRE, AND RETAIN THE TALENT YOU NEED. Labor-force projections over many years showed that we would face a shortage of qualified talent, and now that time is here. If talent acquisition isn’t a major focus for your company, you will struggle to attract, hire, and retain the talent you need. We are seeing the lowest unemployment in decades, with lots of competition to hire the talented professionals and entry-level candidates radio needs. Talent acquisition must become a major focus for all businesses across all industries. Here is a step-by-step solution to help you win this war. It is…

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we give our clients more resources, data and unique services than any other collection company.

Szabo offers clients MORE of everything. Much MORE.DebtorNet Database and Proprietary Software — There is simply nothing like DebtorNet anywhere. It is the media industry’s most extensive database of collection files with detailed information on over 600,000 media advertising companies which can be immediately accessed, analyzed and used as needed. Szabo 411 — When clients need on-the-job help with collection, or have questions about any aspect of debt recovery, they can call Szabo. This is a free-of-charge resource clients can be use whenever it’s needed. Clients think of us as their in-house collection department that doesn’t cost overhead. AR Management Services — Sometimes clients want Szabo to manage their accounts receivables for them. We provide expertise in credit-sales coordination, credit investigation, contracts and can adapt to fit with your internal…