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Radio Ink Magazine September 19, 2016

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radio’s biggest and best opportunity lies ahead but it won’t be about advertising

I used to think that being in radio meant being on the cutting edge. Yes, there was a time when we were innovative and taking chances. But times have changed, and I can count the innovative companies in radio on one hand.What is even more disturbing is that there were times when our innovative ideas were spot-on. But because our vision preceded the revenues in certain areas, we shut down those ideas early. In hindsight, we could have owned some positions in the digital marketplace that today could be worth hundreds of millions, if not billions.So what’s next for radio? Where does our future lie?Oh, I can guarantee you discussions at the Radio Show will cover all the positive things about our industry and our need to better communicate them.…

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seven books to make you a better writer

roy@wizardofads.comThe reason most radio people write poorly is because they read too many blogs, tweets, news stories, and Facebook posts.As you read, so will you write.Maxwell Rotbart asked me to name 10 books he should read. When I asked the purpose of this reading, Maxwell said, “I just want to know what great writing sounds like.”I said, “Do you want to read the best stories, or do you want to read the best writing?”“I want to read the best writing.”I quickly named seven books before I began to struggle. Dozens of other titles were flickering through my mind, but they were mostly examples of great storytelling, employing marvelous narrative arcs and character arcs, but my list was to be about great writing: sentence construction, word selection, vivid description, and sequencing…

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selling top-of-mind awareness

In the days when consumers had to drive all over town to search for businesses and product information, it was often said the three keys to success were “Location, location, location.” Today, businesses and competitive product information can be found from the comfort of your home in seconds, with the click of a mouse. The most important location a business can have now is in the minds of its prospects.As Internet guru Seth Godin proclaims, “It’s better to be sought online than to be found online.”Top-of-Mind Awareness (TOMA) is the undisputed champion in driving consumers to seek and prefer a particular business when they search online, and nothing is more effective in creating TOMA and a pre-need preference for a business than intrusive radio advertising.You can prove the power of…

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sales and programming: so happy together

Let’s take a journey together. Close your eyes long enough to take a mental tour of the physical layout of every radio station where you’ve worked. Consider the best and the worst stations. Your first and your most recent stations. Can you picture them?If your stations are like most of the radio stations I’ve been in, they have something in common: No matter how small or how large the space, the sales and programming departments are as far away from one another as possible. The physical layout is symbolic of a division as fundamental as “the separation of church and state.”My career began on the programming side of the office. When I began consulting, I found myself involved in many C-suite conversations and decisions. I developed an axiom that I…

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recovering less money is not the same as recovering more.

A lot has changed in the media collections industry over the years. As the very first media collections company, we ought to know. Lately, we’ve noticed a disturbing trend. There are a lot of collection companies promising quick receivable recoveries. The problem is they are getting quick recoveries of a lot less money than what was owed. Pennies on the dollar. What kind of a deal is that? At Szabo, we follow one simple rule when collecting accounts receivable. Collect MORE. So we make it our business to give you MORE — MORE experience, MORE resources, MORE expertise, and almost always, MORE collections. We’re not after a quick fix of a few dollars. We know how to work with your clients to collect the maximum amount possible, yet without damaging…

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the 2016 nab marconi radio award finalists

The 2016 NAB Marconi Radio Awards, honoring radio stations and on-air personalities for excellence in broadcasting, will be handed out September 22 at the 2016 Radio Show in Nashville. The Marconi Awards are being hosted by the legendary Scott Shannon and will feature a performance by Jennifer Nettles. LEGENDARY STATION OF THE YEARKRLD-AM/Dallas, TXWBAL-AM/Baltimore, MDWBT-AM/Charlotte, NCWDBO-FM/Orlando, FLWINS-AM/New York, NY NETWORK/SYNDICATED PERSONALITY OF THE YEARDelilah, Premiere NetworksElvis Duran, Premiere NetworksErazno y la Chokolata, EntravisionJay Mohr, Premiere NetworksDan Patrick, Premiere Networks MAJOR MARKET PERSONALITY OF THE YEARTim Conway, Jr., KFI-AM/Los Angeles, CAMark Curry, KBLX-FM/San Francisco, CAMike Francesca, WFAN-FM/New York, NYToucher and Rich, WBZ-FM/Boston, MAThe Woody Show, KYSR-FM/Los Angeles, CA LARGE MARKET PERSONALITY OF THE YEARBrooke Fox & Jubal Flagg, KQMV-FM/Seattle, WALaurie DeYoung, WPOC-FM/Baltimore, MDJason Matheson, KTMY-FM/Minneapolis-St. Paul, MNDave O’Brien, WLHK-FM/Indianapolis, INCharlie Sykes,…