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happy returns

I find a little exercise goes a long way. True, I’ve never been much of an athlete—my affinity for physical activity is more or less limited to hula-hooping, at which I’m proudly and pointlessly excellent. But I know that I must move. I love sitting and reading for hours on end, but the joy I get from being immersed in a new novel is lost if I don’t also, at some point, get off the sofa and out the front door. Walking is part of my daily routine. I’ve always had dogs, upon whom I can rely to get me outside at appointed hours. And more recently, I’ve instituted a walk on my own at midday. The effects have been pretty remarkable. If I’m a bit tired or feeling stressed, a…

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RACHEL CHEN Writer, Toronto “Truth Be Told” Rachel Chen knows that if you refuse to face the truth about yourself, you probably won’t want to listen to anyone else—which puts you in a position of self-delusion. Working on this story made her ask herself some hard-hitting questions about her own tendency to say yes to everything, despite what she can realistically accomplish. Learn how to be more honest with yourself on page 66. STACY LEE KONG Writer, Toronto “47 Secrets to a Happier Life” Working on this issue’s cover story reminded Stacy Lee Kong where true joy is found. Many of the experts she spoke to said happier people try to be kind and generous, focus on their relationships and pursue goals that bring their life meaning. To boost her own mood, she cuts back on screen…

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LETTER OF THE MONTH Called to Action “Getting Angry, the Right Way” (June 2019) really hit home. My older sister was diagnosed with dementia at a very early age. She was in a nursing home here in Windsor, Ont., for six months, during which time she was subjected to unbelievable and heartbreaking conditions: bed sheets smeared with feces, forced isolation by the staff, unsanitary living conditions. Fortunately I was able to take her out of that environment and bring her home to live with my family. After reading your article I realized how angry I was, and have decided to use that drive to bring this issue to the attention of as many people as possible. No matter their age or physical or mental condition, every person deserves to be treated with…

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fishing lessons

“FISHING IS PART of my identity,” says Jasmine Paul, a 31-year-old part-time university student. “And when I wasn’t fishing, I was depressed.” On a Sunday in July, eight women are huddled together inside a wooden fishing shed in Petty Harbour, N.L., about a 15-minute drive south of St. John’s. As many as 20 girls and women spanning the ages 4 to 60 come out for the biweekly Girls Who Fish program, but today’s rain and fog has hampered the turnout. “You weren’t being your true self,” Kimberly Orren replies. Orren, 54, along with her husband, Leo Hearn, founded Fishing for Success in 2014, a non-profit that celebrates and teaches the traditional fishing knowledge and skills that were once the mainstay of outport Newfoundland and Labrador. Since 2016, this has included a safe…

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pneumonia risk increases for canada’s aging population, but the infection can be vaccine-preventable

HEALTHINSIGHT.CA A SPECIAL INTEREST HEALTHINSIGHT.CA SECTION BY MEDIAPLANET It sometimes seems like every week there is another national awareness day or large event focusing on a different form of cancer, but one illness that you almost never see in the spotlight is pneumonia. This serious lung condition, which can arise from either viral or bacterial causes, is commonly referred to as a silent killer and is expected to increase as our population continues to age. Bev Black of St. Catharines, Ontario, a 77-year-old great-grandmother and former banker, has survived several battles with pneumonia, including one in 2009 that saw her admitted to the ICU and placed on life support. “I went down to 72 pounds and I almost completely lost my muscle tone,” Bev recalls. “In total I was in the hospital for…

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life’s like that

—@TRYFAN03 Fast Fashion Me: I am competent and capable of planning things in advance. Also me: Maybe I can buy something at the train station that will be appropriate to wear to this wedding. —ALEXANDRA PETRI, journalist Wife: At recess today, some kid named Billy told our daughter that he had butterflies in his stomach. Isn’t that adorable? Me: That Miller kid? He’ll eat anything. —@UNCLEDUKE1969 A DIY expert on one of those home improvement TV shows suggested putting coffee granules into pale beige paint to give it a “kick.” My bathroom wall looked great, but for weeks afterward, whenever we took a shower, the condensed steam caused thick black coffee to run down to the floor. —GLORIA LEWIS Criminally Fabulous The police just came to my house. They explained to me that someone had sent them photos of my…