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Reader's Digest March 2019

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truly true crime

I’M LYING IN bed reading and again imagining myself as Harry Bosch. Make no mistake; I’d never want to be Harry Bosch. After all, he’s an orphan and a troubled Vietnam vet who toils as a homicide detective on LA’s grittiest streets. Yet as I read, I wish I knew what he knows, or at least had his presence of mind. Bosch is the ruminative, unrelenting star of ex-journalist Michael Connelly’s crime fiction books and, frankly, one of my guides to the moral universe. After reading the umpteen Bosch books we’ve published in Select Editions over time, I see him as the ultimate wounded warrior fighting for redemption—for LA’s down-and-out and for himself. “Everybody counts,” he says, “or nobody counts.” As he quietly struggles to raise a teenage daughter while corralling…

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Back in the Holiday Spirit Thank you for publishing your past two issues without endless articles on how to avoid holiday stress, get around fighting with your family, and dodge the holiday blues. Thank you for showing that miracles, caring, and goodness are so much more important and lasting.—CAROLE MODLIN Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Real-Life Miracles Reading “The Church That Wouldn’t Burn,” I found it most interesting to learn that there are underground coal veins that continue to burn in Centralia, Pennsylvania. Shortly after I read your story, my sister-in-law told me about other coal veins that have burned at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota since last May. A ranger told her that a separate vein had smoldered for 26 years. Amazing!—GEORGIANN KMAN O’BRYAN Bruce, Wisconsin The Miracle of Memory It was a joy…

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nailed it!

“BEAUTY ISN’T ABOUT having a pretty face,” begins a motivational quote. “It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul. Oh, and pretty nails!” That may well be Angela Peters’s motto. Last July, Peters, 36, rolled her wheelchair into a nail salon located at the Walmart shopping center in Burton, Michigan, with the idea of be-dazzling her fingers. But Peters, who has cerebral palsy, was turned away. The salon (which is not owned by Walmart), she says, told her that they were afraid it would be too difficult to properly paint her nails given that her hands shook. What was meant to be a day of beauty bliss for Peters was now a disappointment. Watching the interaction from a few feet away was a Walmart cashier about to…

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the ice man to the rescue

CRUZ GENET, 11, and Anthony Skopick, 10, couldn’t agree. Were the birds out on the ice ducks or geese? There was only one way to find out. So on a chilly January evening last year, the two friends ventured onto the frozen pond near their homes in Frankfort, Illinois, to get a better look. First they tossed a rock onto the ice to test it, Cruz told NBC 5 Chicago. “Then we stepped on it.” Convinced the ice would hold their weight, Anthony took a few steps, then … FOOMP. He crashed through the seemingly frozen surface. “There was no sound, no crack,” he told ABC7 Chicago. “I just fell through instantly.” Cruz rushed to help his panicked friend. FOOMP—the pond swallowed him too. Cruz managed to lift himself out of the…

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the key west conch shell blowing contest

How did you get into blowing conch shells? When we moved here from Nashville 20 years ago, we met an old diver named Captain Scuba at a Mardi Gras parade. He told me you’ve got to blow to give glory to the Creator, so I bought a shell from him that I call Buffett. I’m keeping his tradition alive. Did you use Buffett in the championship? I blew four different shells: one for loudness, one for length, and two others to show the sounds of the different sizes. I’m not that talented in making a variety of sounds. I can just make the sound last quite a while—and quite loud as well. But you’re 71! What’s your secret? Taking a deep breath as if I were going to swim underwater. You hold…

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quotable quotes

I think half or almost all of the pain in the world … is people not feeling seen. It’s like Mr. Rogers, my hero, says: Love is at the root of everything … love or the lack of it.—Constance Wu, ACTORThankfully, perseverance is a great substitute for talent.—Steve Martin, COMEDIANGrace is a consequence of humility.—Toni Bentley, BALLET DANCERFree education is abundant, all over the Internet. It’s the desire to learn that’s scarce.—Naval Ravikant, ENTREPRENEURI avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.—Charlotte Brontë, NOVELISTThere’s no love without loss. It’s a package deal.—Brad Pitt, ACTORAnyone of my age knows that days pass at a far greater speed than when they were young.—Prince CharlesPeople always ask me, “You have so much confidence. Where did that come from?” It came…